Was this hypnogogic imagery?

Last night while trying to sleep I focused on the center of my brain and imagined a huge swirling dust cloud of conscious thought being sucked up by a vacuum cleaner. When I did, I felt an intense rush of mental energy reminiscent of the onset of LSD. I opened my eyes and, sure enough, things were not as they appeared. A quick RC told me that I was awake and not dreaming. I was paralyzed, my breathing and heart rates were accelerated, and my body was very hot under my blanket. Eventually it wore off and I was able to sleep and dream normally.

uh oh… no drug talk…
yup i think it was HI :razz:
Welcome btw

Hi EyaknaD,

I don’t clearly understand what you mean. :shy: You said you were paralyzed but you performed a RC. :confused: You say that “things were not as they appeared” but you don’t describe exactly what you saw. In these conditions, it’s not easy to answer you. It doesn’t look like “classical” HI anyhow. Perhaps you experienced hypnopompic hallucinations during a brief episode of SP?

I have a clock near my bed that I don’t have to move to look at. When I checked it, it looked normal. I’m not condoning drug use as I know its taboo just about everywhere, but it is the only way I can think of to describe what it felt like. Regarding what I saw…my surroundings seemed to have come to life. The walls were breathing and I could see swirls of cosmic energy in the air. Hypnopompic - the place between dreaming and being awake? It could be. Perhaps tonight will provide more answers. Thanks for your input.

The walls “taking life” is rather common in SP episodes or hypnopompic hallucinations. About the cosmic energy in the air, of course there may be different experiences but I noticed sometimes in hypnopompic states that I could “see” something which seems to me to be of the nature of thoughts or emotions. It’s like a moving veil of fuzzy and vague feelings with a sensation of space distortion (not easy to describe :tongue:). Another more common possibility is very strong, colored and textured phosphenes, which may appear when we wake up.

It’s not easy to replace some experiences in their true context; in particular there are some states of consciousness when we’re not sure whether we’re awake or still dreaming. In these cases, the consciousness is not very clear BTW, it looks like fuzzy itself.

I did it again. This time, however, I floated upwards for a while through darkness, spinning a couple of times. Once I realized it, I felt myself soar upwards very fast. I didn’t have time to do anything else with it and felt very disoriented when I woke up to record it.

Errr… sounds like normal when you practice WILD. Have you read the LD4all guide and the BIG WILD topic? What you describe now are cenesthesic and kinesthesic HH and even perhaps a beginning of WILD. You have certainly some facilities with this method. Good luck in your next attemps. :smile: