Was this lucid?

I haven’t LDed in a long, long time so I’m kinda out of practise.
But anyway, I’ve been having great dream recall for about the past two weeks, then two nights ago I couldn’t remember anything. But last night I had this dream which I’m not quite sure if I was lucid.

I was having a party and I made a guy appear behind a door, when I opened the door it didn’t look like him and I thought “He doesn’t look like the real one” so I morphed his hair and put some glasses on him to make it look like him.
When I woke up and thought about this I was pretty sure that I knew was dreaming but now I’m not sure if I did.

So basically, I’m not sure if it was lucid and want someone to come and tell me if it was or not, even if it is fairly confusing. :happy:

You can have cool control, whether or not you know you are dreaming. Odds are, the momment you realize is burned into memory, so you probably weren’t lucid. Yay for not trying for a while! =P

I agree. Usually, the moment you realize it’s a dream is imprinted in your memory, which makes it hard to forget upon awakening.
Your dream sounds more like an ULD, an unaware LD. You didn’t realize it was all a dream, but still you acted as if you were lucid. This is a strange form of lucidity, probably some sort of prelucidity.
Better luck next time.

Good luck! :content:

A ULD? Yeah, that was probably it.
Well if I can get that without TRYING to LD, I’m gonna start trying now. :happy: