was this lucid?

I only remember a small portion of a dream I had last night where I was doing anything I wanted to because I knew I was lucid, but later in the dream it wore off or somehting and I was talking to someone about all the stuff I did.
This is nothing like my last lucid dream because it didn’t feel like one and I don’t really remember any of it. It just feels like an everyday dream.
So was I just dreaming I was lucid or what?

Sometimes I have lucid dreams that feel like regular dreams. I know they are lucid because I do stuff in them that I wrote down to do.
Like last night I wanted to have nobody. I didnt have a sudden relization I was dreaming, but I did try to make my body dissapear.

hi mrvanhalen!

Since u knew u were lucid then it was a Ld; it was probably a Low-level one tho, thats y u eventually lost lucidity.