Was this me or...?

This is kinda weird,which is why I wanted to post this.I didn’t get good sleep because I had something on my mind for the past couple of days.So today I just went downstairs and made on with my day.During about 6 o clock,I went to play outside,when all of a sudden,as I jumped on my trampoline,I saw myself jumping to outer space.That split second I regain control and my eyes are still open jumping on the trampoline.

Is this due to me not sleeping well or is it due to something else?This has been happening especially whenever I go outside to play on my trampoline,and now I feel like I should not go outside anymore…


~Commander Of The Armada,And All,IzPy3ch0c

My guess is probably not sleeping well. Jumping may be affecting the balance mechanisms in your ears. Just my opinion though.

Outside is good as long as social distancing etc :slight_smile:

Tha ks aot @moogle, I was worried on what it was!

Stay safe too!

First of when you encounter vivid imagination you should be dismissive about it and you should put on a suit, something adults would wear. After that you go onto a bus and drive to work, because having fantasy can lead to you enjoying yourself instead of relying on everything else that is premade. So be very scared of that. Hope I could help you

hah,thanks for the tip!