Was this my first LD?

This night i think i had my first Lucid dream. I remember having one “normal” dream and then i woke up, after some minutes i fell asleep again and kinda instantly found myself in a dream.

This time i was lying in my bed, and for some reason i felt instantly “This feel wierd, it must be a dream or something” So i went up and i looked up at my wall, My wall is covered with Gaming magazines covers, like a collage. I started to look at the covers and i remember one cover that had the headline “Terminator is Swedish” but when i looked at it in my dream, there were no letters at all on the cover. I turned around at watched it again, now it was just jidderish and i could not understand what it said.

At this moment i was getting pretty sure that i was dreaming but i decided to pull off another test. Around my wrist i have these Festival-wristbands but when i was looking at them one of them is suppose to read “West Coast Riot Festival 2008” but now it was saying “Call of D…” probably refering to Call of Duty as i play it often.

I was now sure that i was dreaming and i went downstairs where it was total chaos. It was things and boxes everywhere, like someone was about to move to another house. Here i got the idea that i wanted to go out and try to fly. I started to look for some cloth assuming it was cold outside. I found a sweater and went outside, on the way out i went by an mirror as i looked in. I saw myself, but very deranged and i was really frightened and felt as i was about to wake up.

As i got outside, the first thing that happend was that something fell from the roof only some feet away from me and again frightened me, here i was getting really exicted i felt like i was looing it. But i told myself that i wanted to fly, as i was about to try, one window of the house blew open and a big machine gun appeared :neutral: This freaked me out, i knew i was dreaming but still i was really frightened, i ran away and calm down and now i actually did fly. And i just like, jumped and away i went but here the exictement became to much and i woke up.

The strange thing in this case is, alot of the things that happend in the dream had happend during my day, and was not really ficional. Like the Magazine covers, before i slept, i actually watched them abit, and the festival-wrists, i often just for looks sake try to arrange them in order just to look good, i do that everyday dosens of times. And the Call of duty thing is pretty obvious since i play it often.

But my question is, was this really an LD? Since i really felt like “Hey,I’m dreaming now” But still i did not have full control, and everything were not that clear and bright as everyone says, it was kinda blurred.

Sorry for my wall of text :cry: , hope anyone wants to read it.

Hm, I would like to say “If it was a full-out lucid dream you wouldn’t have to ask”, But I know that my own lucid dreams tend to be a bit blurry and unclear sometimes, allthough im fully lucid. Do you remember FEELING like you were in full control and that it was YOUR dream? If not, you might only been semi-lucid or it was just a false lucid dream. You mention that you put on a sweater because you thought it would be cold outside, that is one thing im talking about. When im lucid I dont worry much about what im wearing or the climate, because I simply know that it cant affect me really ( if that makes any sense :razz: ). And also, you were not certain that you were dreaming even after the posters in your room were different than how you know them, that’s quite a big clue! :smile: Anyhow, im no expert at all, so this is just my speculations and ideas!

Anyhow, you might see where im going. Nobody can really know if this was a lucid dream or not except yourself really. :smile: Keep up the good work, I have my fingers crossed for further success!

I was not 100% certain when i looked at my posters, since i was still abit shocked about moving around in my room, a feeling that i never had before. But after i did my wrist band test i was sure that i was dreaming.

But as i said, i was at the edge of waking up eversince i knew for sure that i was dreaming, so maybe i drifted back into a normal dream? Since i never got the feeling of having full control over the dream :neutral:

But if it was not an LD atleast i feel that i am on the right way against one! :content:

You were very close to having a full-fledged lucid dream! You might even been lucid for a while, but as you say yourself, you were not sure. :smile: You will know what im talking about when you get your first one were you are indeed- fully aware. That feeling is pure ecstacy imo :tongue: Let this dream serve as motivation and Im sure you will be successful soon enough!

If you just know that you are dreaming you are some what lucid. So yes it was a lucid dream. When you are truly lucid, you have full control of everything, and no doubts at all.