was this SP??? help!

Moved from General Lucidness

okay so last night i was a liiiiiitle late to bed (about 20 mins.) but i still was able to play chibi robo until 1. i also drank my caffeiene earlier in the day so all was well. i was planning on doing that WILD type technique where you write stuff down at school about LD ing in a dream. i did that and decided i would WILD today instead of MILD (the usual technique i use for CHILD). so i focused on a crayon because that’s what i heard someone on these boards do, and i felt SP starting and i was like “oh good”. then, all of a sudden i was so indescribably uncomfortable. my leg felt like it needed to move so bad. it wasn’t at all like the SP i felt last night, where it was just warm electromagnetic type pressure pushing against my body. so then it starts hitting my groin or something, and i just HAVE to move. so i move slightly and i lost the dam crayon. anyway, i just really need to know if this would be a case of SP, or if something weird was happening in my testes, or whatever.

BTW i was doing some intense aerobic activity right before bed (though i did take a shower after that) and im wondering if that would be a factor. i was doing it while freeballing too so yeah that could be it…

ill be awaiting ya’lls responses

well the EXACT same thing happened last night. i have no idea what it means but i was up till 3

If you wanted to move it, you weren’t really paralized…

It’s to do with the fact that your body is falling asleep but your mind is still awake, I think. Your body is trying to see if your mind is still awake, so it makes you extremely uncomfortable to see if you will move or not. To get through SP, you have to fight the discomfort, no matter how badly you want to move.

I’m no Scientist or anything, so don’t quote me on that! I’ve just picked up little bits and pieces. Can anyone shed light on the subject?

locked … there is a big SP and Old hag topic in stuff and a big SP as a gateway to LD in the pathways forum :moogle: … please continue the discussion in those