Was this SP?

I awake in the morning.Just like a lot of microawakenings,probably from the noise outside,mostly my dog barking,so I quickly go back to sleeping.Suddenly,this time,I hear growling,mixed with my dog’s barkings outside.I got scared something might be in the room,so I try to stand up and look around.But my muscles feel like they’re extremely weak and I can barely move an inch.I try to do an RC,but it seems so fake,like I’m imagining doing it.From fear of being hurt by whatever is in my room,I finally manage to move and look around.Nothing’s there,everything’s like normal,my body is ok.I do an RC,I’m awake.
I don’t think I was dreaming this,cause I didn’t find myself in lying position after “wake up”.I really couldn’t move,and I barely made it after a lot of self-determination.That looks like SP for me.

SP occurs when you can’t get up that easy. But it seemed that you have gotten yourself out of some sort of pre-SP, deeply relaxed state of your body which made your muscles feel weak.

Oh, and that thing in your room was HI’s :tongue: - you need some time to get over those. You shouldn’t have moved - that would have been an interesting WILD experience :tongue:

Well at least I know what it looks like,I never got that deep in my regular attempts,this was by pure accident.
Oh and yeah I think this was complete HH,I heard the growling of the…ummm…devil dog :tongue: and,as I mentioned,I did an RC,but I felt like I was looking myself doing it. A complete recipe for an LD,only if I didn’t move :wallhit:

:lol: Yeah, I know how it is - but you need to use your stage of… um… beginner you are in - that’s the best WILD phase, believe me. At first I could do WILD very good and get into those deep trances - now I just lay there for 1 hour doing nothing and feeling nothing :cry:.

Anyways, good luck with it ! :wink:

I’ve actually got a simillar problem.
Probably because our mind gets trained to expect stages of WILD,so our evil SC makes us expect forever :sad: .In my second WILD attempt(forgot to mention it),I even got to this stage I described here,but I couldn’t enter the dream properly.Since then it all started going downhill :cry:
Anyways,thanks,and let’s hope we can beat this SC barrier of ours

Ha, ha ! “Evil SC” - good one :rofl: