Was this the beginning of a LD?

Hello everyone,

first of all: I already had lucid dreams as a child and one impressive one when I was older. But this time it was extremely scary.

I started meditation 6 months ago. This helped me to push away any thoughts at will.
So last night I started meditating like every day until a strong zero gravity feeling catched me and I was pulled in strongly. It was an extreme feeling - so scary. In addition the sound of my tinnitus suddenly got extremely loud and then somehow slowed down (frequency change) until I could hear single distinguishable sounds. It sounded like as if I would listen to a radio-telescope directed at the sky.
But the worst things of all: There was no dream at all but an endless dark void.

This was scary as hell and I fighted back out of my paralysis.

What was it? Should I have waited longer for a dream to “materialize”?

Ok I’ve got my answer: Google the terms “The Lucid Void - Deep Lucid Dreaming”
It’s an article from Dr. Clare Johnson.

It’s often called “The Void”. It’s our deepest relaxed state we can achieve. Floating affordlessly in infinite deep dark space. From there you can “start” a lucid dream.

I am so looking forward to my next meditation :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to share my experiences here.

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Hi! If you believe in out of body experiences, according to people who are experts with it, your experience seems to match with an OBE. I had it in the past too: a strong loud noise in the ears that would dimnish, a warm feeling in the body, and a kind of energetic vibration followed by a floating (“leaving” the body?) sensation.

Even if you dont believe it as an obe, you can use it as a door to LD. In fact, its perfect for WILD, ie, entering in lucid state directly.

Hi Mente, thank you so much for your reply. Yes it was an OBE. I am a little afraid if I can handle my emotions while being rocketed around in a swirling and wobbling vast space because I have poor floating or flying experiences. It was too intense. Hopefully I can loose my fear quickly so I can finally enjoy this state of consciousness.

Thanks. I wish you the best.

I also think that you can enjoy a lucid dream at the end of this experience.
If you are frightened and it’s emotionally and maybe even physically hard to endure, then I have a suggestion that may help you pull through.

Try to focus on the result and not the process. The next time you get to this stage of dark void, don’t think “I just have to endure it“ but instead motivate yourself with “Cool, I will have an awesome and vivid LD very soon!“. This may help you to hang in there until the dream forms. And the dream itself will also be more spectacular in this way.

Let me give you an analogy. I really hate to go to the dentist, up to the point where you could say I’m scared of it. So I don’t tell myself “Grr, I really need to go to the dentist again“, instead I frame the task in my mind like this: “After seeing the dentist my teeth are all nice again, I would really like that“.

One caveat though: If you are scared of this state up to the point that it makes you procrastinate even trying again, then you need a different approach. I was told that it’s then better to focus on the process, so focus on the fact that you should do meditation, rather than that you need to reach the deep relaxation again.

I’m really not a psychologist and just piling up information from here and there. If somebody has deeper knowledge on the matter, please confirm or correct my statements.

Hey Marvin,

really appreciate your opinion. And I will try both methods at the same time. This will help me loosing my fears. Thank you so much. Have a great time.