was this wild? semi wild experiance

ok i can very rarely have mid day naps unless i have very bad flu or am very very ill but i thought i might have a little lie down today, what happened was i was trying the Wild thing and then i see these purple things spinning around (is this the hypnotic imagary) and i nearly fell aslepp. was this heading for a WILD?

PS. i aslo notice i haev a small penis (1 inch when errect) in my dream and i often have impotence to

thanks for reading

and also what is hypnotic imagary?

Hi newb.

Read the BIG WILD topic(s), you can find a lot of answers there already. The images you saw is probably part of HI indeed.

I wonder why you notice the thing about your procreation organ, since it has no relation to your question at all.

i noticed it because i went to the toilet in my dream

why was your penis erect while going to the toilet… LOL

just messin with ya

Very good question though

He’s just trying to piss us off. It’s obvious.
Posts of this nature should be disregarded and deleted immediately.

what do you mena? firstly it was an invoulentry erection and secondly i wanted to know if this had ever happened to anyone else in there dreams

I think your heading close to a wild… though i dont see a point of you telling us about your dream genitals :eek: