Watch a very funny and one of the worst movies

You probably know about Chuck Norris and his movies, right?
This Croatian ‘‘hero’’ is like him, but much more…funny.

I just watched it…again, and it brought good memories back.

It has English subtitles. I checked them, they’re good.
If you want to relax and have a laugh, I suggest you watch it.

It includes terrible acting and fights.

Note that this movie is free, and you shouldn’t be troubled about downloading it.

me and my brother used to watch really low budget horror films, just for the entertainment of them being so poorly put together.

one film i remember had a bat flying round the room, the strings holding the bat up stood out more than the thunderbirds tv series… good fun!

haha, čak i to postoji?? :happy: :happy:, ne vjerujem, čekam da se skine pa javim dojmove :happy:.

nope :smile:

there is a low budget horror film called “mr giggles” the film is crap, but his constant giggling, used to have me doing the same thing. could really annoy some people though

ooh, how about a “bad movie” topic?!

I think everyone should be able to appreciate bad movies.

One of my favorites is called GingerDeadMan. Yes, it’s about a killer gingerbread man. Yes, it’s awful, but what sends it over the top is that the always insane Gary Busey plays the Ginger Dead Man in question. This is, of course, hilarious, because Gary Busey is a nutcase.

There is also a cheesy horror movie called Gargoyle, which has downright terrible special effects and also holds a record for movies i’ve seen: most shots fired from a pistol without reloading. It was somewhere around 19.

Of course, this little number will always be on the top of most people’s lists:

Troll 2-- which actually doesn’t contain trolls, but goblins (in a town that is oh-so-coyly named Nilbog. I guess Sllort was just a bad town name)–is quite possibly one of the best worst movies ever made (so much so that a documentary called Best Worst Movie was made of it((The Room notwithstanding))), it’s hilarious and cute and the best part is none of the actors in the movie actually had any acting experience.

The reason i like bad movies so much is -because- they’re bad. Not just that they’re funny in a bad way.

To explain:

we all grew up watching movies, more or less. Everyone wants to be rock gods and movie stars at one point growing up, and i would register that anyone with a camera spent at least a few days of childhood making lame home movies to watch with friends (i know i starred in a vast number of them). That said, there is something special about cheesy bad movies with a bunch of nobodies acting in them–something really charming about how bad it is, because it was these people’s chance to do what a lot of people always wanted. Sure, they’re downright disasters, but more often then not they have a lot of heart, which makes them more special (in my opinion) than the generic studio-run big budget movies where everyone is just doing it for a paycheck.

Well, ok, Gingerdeadman was just for a paycheck. But that’s not important.

A moraš to pogledati ako već nisi.
Neka oni stavljaju američke filmove, ali ovo će uvijek bit daleko gore :happy:

I saw troll 2, it’s pretty funny :happy:

I don’t know if this is seriously a real movie, but you have to watch it anyway.

Also, has anyone watched Bore Lee?

Could you translate those sentences to english please? As I dont know croatian :smile:

How come no one’s mentioned “The Room” yet??
Seriously. That thing is so horribly funny. Especially Nostalgia Critic’s review of the thing.

I’ll give these other movies a watch when I have free time.


i saw a terrible movie that made me laugh so hard called Masters Of The Universe a HE-MAN movie and Dalf Lundgram AKA the russian from Rocky 5 was HE-MAN and the movie was hilarious to say the least i suggest you watch it.

I recently watched this Japanese movie called Happiness of the Katakuris. It was very strange but so funny! It was advertised as being a mix between The Sound of Music and Dawn of the Dead. It’s a musical, which makes it even more awesome.

Here is the trailer: