Watched over...

I am writing this close to a year to the day of this happening. It was either Dec 23 or Dec 24th 2014. I had gone to bed very stressed over our situation with The Club. My wife and I had pursued our rights as employees and had gotten fired for doing so. We were soon to be homeless, with no money and nowhere to go. My stress levels were beyond anything I had felt in many years. I didn’t know if I could take much more, I felt as if I was on the verge of a mental breakdown. Our issue with The Club had turned into a legal game, them admitting they owed us for years of back wages, but claiming they had no way of paying us. Our future looked bleak, our friends had disappeared. My hope had faded to nothing, my trust in faith, in trusting my intuition, my higher self was at an all time low. Then it happened.

That night I had a “visitation.” While in bed, around 3am, I was aware of an energy in the room, a white orb. I was in, what I call, an In-between state, not asleep yet not awake. I could see it at the foot of my bed. I felt a bit of fear as it rushed toward me and then into me. I was Immediately aware of being taken out of my body and up. What was happening was very clear to me. I was washed clean, my stress and worries were taken away. This process was very fast, a few seconds at most. I then was brought back down into my body and was instantly awake. I sat up straight out of my bed and began to cry. I walked to the living room and processed what had happened.

I felt anew… cleansed and ready to face the challenges ahead of me. I did feel drained in a way, I felt like I had run a marathon of sorts, revived yet tired.

This experience has changed me. I now know we are watched over, we have Guides, Angels, that intervene. I have had similar experiences over the years but nothing as profound as this. Never before was I aware of my physiology being changed. I have been a lucid dreamer for many years, actually my whole life, and have had a few, what I call visitations in my life. I long to have a greater understanding of who these beings are. My life has been forever changed by their presence. The greatest gift in life is to get a glimpse into the mystery…

I’d love to hear if anyone else has had an experience they would like to share.

Perhaps it is wise to be a bit more skeptical regarding the nature/intent of your nightly encounter.

“I did feel drained in a way, I felt like I had run a marathon of sorts, revived yet tired.”

While not overtly malevolent, the transaction of energy raises questions of a merely ‘benevolent’ entity.

Thanks for the input… Me “feeling drained” I believe was more from experiencing a long period of extreme stress prior to my encounter. My life changed in many amazing ways after this. We are watched over… :fly: