watching other people dream

Does anyone else like watching other people while they’re dreaming?

My boyfriend takes a nap almost every evening around 7:00 and if I’m in the room with him and notice him beginning to twitch or make noises, it fascinates me so much I’ll stop whatever I’m doing and just stare at him with a dumb grin on my face and wonder what he must be dreaming about.

You know how outside noises can intrude on your dreams and change them? Just now I was watching him dreaming and Leo the MGM Lion roared on the TV at the beginning of a movie and I could see my boyfriend’s breathing quicken and the expression on his face changed slightly to a kind of worried look and I was wondering if that movie lion roaring sound got into his dream and altered it or if it was just coincidence.

I can’t believe I walked away from watching him to type this but his movements seemed to slow down so I thought he was leaving the REM stage and I probably wouldn’t miss anything. :content:

So please tell me I’m not the only one who loves watching other dreamers, I know I can’t be alone here of all places!

A previous girlfriend slept very deeply. So it was kind of boring to watch her dream.:eek:

But her dog was an active dreamer :smile: . I liked watching the dog dream, he would twitch and whine, growl. Very exciting dreams. :cool_laugh:

Maybe you could help your boyfriend become lucid. Whisper in his ear - you are dreaming

(This technique is used by some Tibbetan Buddhists)

He’s not interested in becoming lucid and I’ve asked him to say things to me when it looks like I’m dreaming to help me get lucid but he says he’s only done it once and as far as I know it didn’t work for me.

I find it fascinating to watch other people sleep, which is also quite relaxing…

I don’t know. I think if you love a person, staring at that person sleep is something really romantic. Do you feel it, when you look at your boyfriend sleeping? Don’t you think, “He’s dreaming now, he’s calm and safe…” You feel happy because, after all, you care about him… Do you get what I’m saying?

I use to experience some kind of silly happiness when I watch someone I love—not necessarily a girlfriend, but also one of my siblings or one of my close friends—sleeping.

I know what you mean, Bruno, it makes me happy not just because I enjoy watching him dream because I love dreaming but also because I love T and enjoy knowing he’s generally peaceful when he’s sleeping.

…unless he’s having a nightmare, see my post here: … ht=#231399
(not sure if that link will take you directly to my post or just to the page…it’s my post from 02-Feb-06)

I love watching my kids sleep. It brings back that child-like quality I miss.

They are pretty much inactive dreamers. My big dog however, is very very active. He whimpers and whines, and tries to run… :razz:

I love watching animals sleep. I always wonder what they’re dreaming of since I see so much twitching and hear little noises. Are they having a “nightmare” or something more pleasant?

My wife talks in her sleep, and when she does she sometimes gets loud, and it sometimes sounds like she is speaking in another language. It kind of freaks me out.

I love watching my cat dream :content: She’s always twitching and making funny noises.

I watch T dream so often that I actually had a dream the other morning that I was watching him dream…watching a dreamer dream within my own dream, that’s pretty cool…I wonder what T’s dream self was dreaming about?* :content: He was even making noises in his “sleep”, like he always does IRL.

  • I’m reminded of a post I read here somewhere about a conversation LaBerge had with another dream expert about whether or not DCs have consciousness.

Next time whisper in his ear! Like for example tell him that he is in a dream and that he should turn lucid.

The other night when he seemed like he was having a bad dream (again), I tried quietly telling him it would be okay and to fight the power or whatever but I don’t think it worked and he woke up a few minutes later anyway. I’m not sure his dream recall is advanced enough to remember even if I were able to get him lucid by whispering in his ear and then I’d be jealous of him if he did get lucid and remember it. :tongue:

I’ll tell you what, I notice that I have far fewer nightmares since keeping my DJ and I notice just how many T has relative to me and it makes me feel like I’m at least accomplishing something, no matter how small. Not lucid, but mostly happy dreams!

my dog sleeps weird some times she snores and once she kicked me in the face :razz: