way too tired

i try wiLD all the time, but halfway through, i kind of ive up because i get waayy to tired to keep concious, is this bad? :cry:

It’s not bad - in fact, it’s far better than not being able to fall asleep at all, in my opinion. But you may have more success by doing a different form of WILD…

My favorite (in other words the only one that ever works for me) is to lay down, close my eyes, and relax in a completely silent room. I then count backwards from 100 to 0, over and over again. At the same time, I listen to that high pitched ringing sound in my ears (that you can only hear in silence) and try to make it grow louder. Eventually, I start to drift off (lose consciousness), but snap back to my counting. When I snap back like that, the ringing sound washes over my whole body like an electric shock. At first, the shocks (vibrations) are small… But after a few times they take on the proverbial fork-in-an-outlet feeling. When a big vibration hits, I simply stand up and the dream/OBE has begun.

There are really hundreds of ways to approach it… You might find hypnagogic imagery works well for you, or you might find the exact opposite - don’t be afraid to play around. :cool:

i wish i was this tired every night then :smile: but last night i was way to tired because i was at the beach skimming with my friends for 5 hours the day earlier, that ringing nois is pretty cool, it sometimes grows biger, like the shorebreak at the beach thanks for the help :content:

I get that too! That ‘snap’ feeling…Its so odd, I never thought I could use it to my advantage…hmm… :cool_laugh:

Eldwinn, I don’t know how long you’ve been practising WILD for, but I know that when I first started, it was really hard to both stay awake and fall asleep! But slowly slowly, the progress improves greatly. Maybe try getting a small nap during the day, so you can concentrate on WILD’ing later on?

Practice makes close to perect. :wink:

It’s actually one of the oldest OBE techniques out there, so you ain’t the only one… If it has that electric feel to it, give it a try! :content:

i’ve been practicing since about the time i joined the forum, but its hard to WILD when im really tired for some reason, to stay in the real world and try to go to the dreamworld, because i fall asleep too easily and i cant LD :grrr:

With WILD you try to go directly from awake to REM sleep. Normaly when you first go to bed, you spend time in deep sleep cycles, then after about one hour or so you have your first REM cycle. If you are very tired you will go into a deep sleep cycle, and your WILD will not work. That is why WILD works best with WBTB, or afternoon naps. You should have about 6 hours sleep befor you try WILD, or have your body tired and your mind awake. If your mind is tired then you will not be able to find the right balance between body asleep and mind awake that is necessary for WILD. If you are very tired when you go to bed, then MILD would be a beter tech. to try. If you wake up after a dream, then you could try WILD, but WILD is not a good tech to use when you go to bed at night.

Hmm very interesting, I have to agree to an extent… at times when I am very tired though I do straight into a REM cycle like you’ve mentioned, but it’s also so happened that I was able to maintain conciousness during the beginning of REM and I saw some extremely vivid stuff… it was weird for me and I didn’t understand but I’m sure you could translate this into a dream or gain lucidy some how, even though with me, it was like watching a very very vivid imagery not a dream it’s so hard to explain… my first post on these forums kinda explain it :eek: anyone have any ideas or know what I’m talking about?


That sounds more like vivid HI. I have had that too. Sometimes I think I am dreaming already and try to do something, that causes me to wake up. :sad: Some people seem to be able to enter this and get into a dream, I can’t. Some say that when it does become a LD that it tends to be a low level LD with bad DR. Others say that they have very long vivid LD’s like this. When I am very tired, I go strait to sleep. No LD, no WILD, no fun. :no:
If you are beging with WILD, I would not try it when you are tired. It might just work, but you forget the dream because you stay asleep and have other dreams afterwards. Later dreams tend to overlay earyer ones. You start out only remembering the last one or two.