Ways to get into your subconscious

Please people post your ways. . .

I have one of my own that I thought of a few nights ago and I believe that this could open up a whole new level of lucid dreaming for me and others. I just imagine myself in my own head and there’s a bubble on the ceiling and inside this bubble is my subconscious. Now I can’t enter my subconscious directly but this special pill that’s the same colour as the bubble can. I open the top of the pill (the pill is rather large) and I state my intentions and the words come out and I can actually see the words and they go into the pill. I then close the pill and insert it into the bubble, I go over to the door to the room turn the lights out and close the door then open my eyes and go to sleep. I don’t seem to be able to be hypnotized so I use this method to get through to my subconscious. I didn’t use it for LDing last night but I did put the person I wanted to dream about into the pill and stuck it into my subconscious and it worked and has worked everynight I’ve tried it. I know this is just another form of MILD but just stating my intentions didn’t seem to work for me. . . Now I don’t want people to do this the way I do it because it may not work for them this way try it my way if you want but this is something that I just thought up so I’m not telling you you’ll be successfull, this is just what works for me. So (if you want to) just try this in some form or another, the reason I think it has been working for me is because I am actually physically forcing these things into my subconscious instead of just saying words. Please post your thoughts. . . :peek:

It just feels good to finally find something that works for you. :smile:

That sounds like an interesting tech. I’ll try it tonight. :smile:

good luck! :seer:

This tech should have a name of its own like drug induced lucid dream. For me, I can pretty much go deep down into a state like lucidity at any point in the day, but the thing that makes it not a lucid is that my body isnt shut off. What I did to get way more lucids is I went to this state and took 50 lucid pills.

It’s a very interesting variation of autosuggestion induced LD, ilovelucid. I think we never considered that some people could have more facilities in visualizing things and others in saying sentences.

I tried it last night. I didn’t go lucid on the first dream, but I did achieve lucidity in the second dream. ^^ (I woke up at about 3-5 in the morning and fell asleep again.)

Glad it worked! :smile:

Anyone else?

I’ve tried this for about 3-4 nights without results… though i’ve only had one lucid dream ever.

MILD may not be the technique for you. :smile: