Ways to reinforce and develope "innate" LD ability

Hey everybody! After reading through some of your discussions, I thought this might be a good forum to ask for a little expert advice.

 I'm 21 years old, and have had consistent, though not regular,  lucid dreams since I was maybe 12 or 13.  They're pretty random. and nowhere near as frequent as when I was younger, but I might get one a week for a month, then none for two or three.  It wasn't too important to me to learn more until a couple weeks ago, when I had an amazing spiritual and emotional experience in an LD.  Now I am so into it, just totally ready to go.  I read up on the net, and found your site.

  A little background:  Around the time they started happening, I had been having very frequent and very terrifying Sleep-Paralysis episodes, with what I guess is called the "Old Hag Syndrome".  They happened almost every night for a few months.   Eventually I realized that if I didn't struggle to move or scream, and tried to sink down into my bed, I could get out of it.  After a bit, they stopped being scary, and I noticed that one of three things happened when I did my "sinking":  I would enter into blackness and a new dream would start, with me sometimes lucid; I would immediately wake up(most common); or I would go through a couple false awakenings, then wake up.  

  These continued with less and less frequency, but with a higher rate of lucidity, until now I'm at the point where I've got a damn good shot at  turning sleep-paralysis into an LD.  The problem is, it's pretty rare that I get paralyzed these days, and that's the only way I've ever been able to achieve it.

   My question is this:  Is there anybody familiar with something like this that can recommend a technique that would fit with my experience?  I've read so many different ones that I don't know where to start, and I'm hoping one of the resident gurus could offer a young grasshopper some advice.

Forbin :help:

Oh yeah, It might help to know that I’ve had some experience with meditation. Recently I’ve done couple guided Chakra meditations, and I used to treat migraines through relaxation/mantra exercises that would leave me pretty trancy. Hope more info helps!

Have you checked the wikibook? It’s in my signature. There’s a chart of different techniques somewhere in there, and you can figure out which one you like using the chart.

Oh heck, I’ll find it:

Use this link first:

If that doesnt work try this and scroll down to the chart:

I was just trying to make it scroll down to the chart by itself. Whoo. I put that number sign and the word I want it to go down to and it works!

Edit:Oops it doesnt work like that you have to program the site to let you do that- I just made a lucky guess about the parameters. Darn. So useful too. I wonder how i can program a site to do that?

Hi Forbin’sAscent ! Welcome to LD4all ! :wave:

I’m not “one of the resident gurus” here, but I think I could give you the advice of trying to practice WILD. As you are already familiar with SP, and know what to do when you reach this state, it’s seems to me that you will find this method easier, cause it’s such close of what you experienced.

Could one of the “residents gurus” confirm ? :grin:

Why thank you!

Please clarify: what was “consistent” about them?

Personally, I would say that the techniques for “developing your innate ability” are just like those for developing anybody elses. However, where some people might imagine the things they would want to do in an LD, you might want to visualise your previous LDs instead.

Because you used to have Old Hag a lot and you are already able to get into an LD from their, I would suggest WILD. There are ways to induce these trances; see the WILD part of that page infection0 linked to. (I just realised Basilus West basically posted the same thing as me. BW, you are a Resident Guru! :wink:)

Hey, you stole my famous words! :tongue:

I hope you get some more LDs soon. They really are great things.

infection0: This is how it works. In the source code of the page, there is . Then you can link to bla.com/bla.htm#bm. The easiest way to get these is to hope that the page already has links to them. For example, MediaWiki (the software behind wikibooks) creates the TOC of each page automatically. You can click on one of the links to the section, then copy the address from your address bar. :smile:

There’s another anchor which is a little harder to find on wikibooks pages: #top. It brings you to the beginning of the text, like this link.

If you are unable to edit a page, you can’t put these # things in it. :neutral:

Thanks for the help guys! The wikibook was a great link.

Yeah, WILD would seem to be the logical choice, but with my class/work schedule I unfortunately don’t have time to try it with WBTB, which is why I’ve kind of avoided trying it so far. I might as well give it a shot as I’m falling asleep tonight, just to see how it feels. From reading around, it looks like some people have had success without WBTB, so it can’t hurt to try. If I don’t see it working in the next couple of weeks, I think I might try VILD. It seems like a pretty logical process.

As for my LD’s being consistent, I meant that there have been no long periods of time between them. I probably have around 15 a year, but the majority are fuzzy and insubstantial, with maybe two beign vivid, entirely lucid dreams.

Well, I’ve started a keeping a journal and doing RC’s during the day, so now I just need to find a technique for me. Thanks for the advice!