WBTB - am I doing it wrong?

so here is the story:
lately I set the arlarm at 6, but I often turn it off and stay in the bed. to keep myself from going back to sleep again, I would open my eyes every few minutes or play with my earings. after a while I would start to have some weird, strange thoughts and images in my head, could be a new dream forming, I dont know. Sometimes, when I open my eyes I would see things from the corner of my eye, like a person walking by my bed…etc… Anyway, as soon as I noticed them, I would have SP immediately.
On a side note, my SPs are just calm, no shadows or screaming noises or anything, it would just be very loud buzzing noise in my head and the feeling of my body beeing squeezed tightly, I can always keep calm when having a SP.
This is where the story begins. after a while I would open my eyes, my eyes lid would feel abnormally heavy, and however I look around, my field of view would stay static, or even when I move my body, or push my blanket away or even sit up, everything I see would not change. Its hard to explain, imagine it like, say, I have 2 bodies, I move through one body but see from the other that cannot move. The sensations when I move are so real. my thought is I was lucid dreamming, but somehow open my eyes and therefore get mixed up between real life and dreams. note that the whole thing happens when im having SP, also even when I would have to use force to keep my eyes closed.
It was confirmed a while ago, the same thing happened, this time I tried to close my eyes. I cant really rememmber what happened but I manage to wake up from my bed and confirmed it was a lucid dream through some RCs.
After that, I have been trying to re-do it. sometimes I fall back to sleep, other times the same thing happens with non-lucid dreams being mixed in. like a part of me is dreaming when the rest is struggling with the 2-bodies-experience thingy., I just cant explain it, everything just seems too vague.

the whole thing started unintentionally so I dont know if its WBTB or something else. so please, if anyone has had the same experience and/or knows what actually happens, let me know your thoughts. personally, I find it easy to be have that strange experience, so if the time when I had that lucid dream wasnt a coincidence, it could be a potential way to intentionally have lucid dreams for me.

what you are describing is not a LD, it is an OBE. SP is a pre-OBE stage. anything that happens after that is when you leave your body and enter an astral realm. a LD would be more of you dreaming and all of the sudden realizing you are in a dream. in my experience, real and authentic LDs are much harder to induce. but naps do help, as well as suggestions before going back to bed “I will have a LD, etc…”

what you are also describing, is the level of your consciousness. in LDs/OBEs, the consciousness level goes from 1-10. the reason why things seem odd and weird, where you barely feel awake and then eventually drift to sleep, is because your consciousness/lucidity is very low, say at 20%. if it is very high, 80%+, it would feel almost as real as you are sitting here reading this sentence. this is why some OBEs feel realer than real, the conscious level is at 100%. but once it starts going down, you will eventually fall asleep.

from what I understand, the more you could be present in these experiences, the higher your lucidity could be. so, the more meditation you’ve done, the more you could prolong your experiences.