WBTB and Insomnia

Hi everyone,

So I did another WBTB attempt last night, and when I woke up I didn’t feel tired at all, so I knew I woke up during a REM session. (which is good)

I started reading some things about Lucid Dreaming on this forum for about 20 minutes until my I felt like my mind was concentrated enough on the subject.
However, and this has happened before, it caused me not able to sleep for a long time. I think it took me an hour before I finally fell asleep, and by then my mind wasn’t really concentrated on the LD subject anymore.

What can I do to prevent this? I mean, it’s kind of obvious that I am not able to sleep after that because my mind is like “Now let’s try to sleep and hope I’ll get into a LD tonight” which doesn’t really help lol.

What can I best think about in this situation? Are there any other good techniques to fall asleep?

Thanks in advance! And excuse me if I wasn’t very clear with some things, my English isn’t very good tonight lol.

I actually posted about the EXACT same thing a bit back!
I hope you find out what it is, it’s been plaguing me too!

I just read the topic (sorry for the late answer by the way, but thanks for posting this :smile: and I read about the “going to bed earlier” thing.

This might help, since I did this the last time and I seemed to have fallen asleep immediately after I was done reading about lucid dreams.

However I did not wake up from a REM period there, so I don’t know if that affects how well I’ll fall asleep again or not.

Each person is different. Some people have to get up for an hour to be conscious enough for it to work, others only have to be awake for 5 minutes or it will take a long time to go back to sleep. If it happens again where you feel very awake, just read about it for 5 minutes then lay down and continue to think about methods and other things about lucid dreaming. You could also repeat “I will lucidly dream”

I’m glad you found it! (Sorry about not posting a link, d’oh)
It takes a couple days to get back in the “groove”.

Give it a couple days of farting around with when you go to bed, wake up and such and you should find the perfect point where you stay alert and can enter a LD easily!