This morning i woke up pretty early from a ND so i thought it would be the perfect time to do the WBTB method. After maybe 40 minuets of being up i tried to go back to sleep. I was going to try and use MILD too, i did everything it said on here to do but it didn’t really work out. i ended up sleeping for an hour and i had a bunch of ND but during one of them i did realized i was dreaming but it was out of nowhere,with no dream signs and I woke up right away. So i think it was just a fake LD or whatever, but my question is when you do the mild method are you suppose to keep repeating those two steps until you fall asleep or are only suppose to do it a few times? i only did it a few times. ty

you are supposed to repeat your mantra until you go to sleep, but i think repeating it until your intention is set is often enough. i personally cant fall asleep repeating a mantra so i just repeat for as long before i get really tired.

Yeah what I think happened was after I did the repetition I wasn’t that tired and I started to think about other things which i guess ruined it.