WBTB - but can't fall back to sleep.

I’m just looking for advice. I wake up almost every morning between 3:30 & 4:00 a.m. after a dream. I know that the best possibility of having a LD is after this point. (I have to get up by 5:15 a.m. to get to work.)

The problem is that I can’t fall back to sleep. Once I am awake after writing down my last dream I try to do mild or my own technique. I usually start to have HI’s but I can’t help but pull my consciousness back to awake again. This is getting very frustrating. Does anyone have any advice?

I have the opposite problem, I fall asleep too fast :cry: my mind just wanders away and suddenly I’m asleep and this usually happens so fast that I don’t even notice it :help:

might be your bioclock used to getting up daily at the same time
I can’t wbtb everyday even if I could spare the energy for it since my bioclock wakes me on the second and keeps me awake for that time

I have a similar problem. Last night I couldnt even remember what I dreamt . I was dreaming, and woke up, grabbed the checker board with the paper on it, and the pen, and I wen’t blank. I just fell back asleep.

i dont think that its necesary to fall right back to sleep but just be on point for when you do…

If at all possible, I would wake up sooner. I did experiments with my own WBTB habits and it seemed the closer I got to when I had to be awake to go to work, the harder it was to go to sleep after I woke up the first time. Don’t know why that is.

Maybe that isn’t the problem with you though. Although I have never had success with WBTB, I just like to wake up in the middle of the night now. Heh. I think the reason why is because when my alarm goes off at 4:45 A.M. I know I have to go to work. And if I set an alarm to wake me at 1:45 A.M. I will wake up thinking its time for me to go to work, and I will feel the relief when I find out I get to go back to bed. Weird mind trick I guess.

You’re not alone. I fall asleep very slowly. It takes me about 45-60 minutes on an average night, and if I wake up in the middle of the night it can be damn near impossible. But, if I wake up and don’t move, I fall asleep quickly, and sometimes lucidly! I wish I could help you, I know how it feels.

When I go to sleep at night it can take quite a while to fall asleep though. If I’m extremely tired I can fall asleep within 5-10 minutes, but usually it takes 30-60 minutes depending on how tired I am. But that’s a good way to find out how tired I am and if I need to sleep more or less the next night :content: If I fall asleep very fast I know I need to sleep alot and if it takes forever to fall asleep I need to sleep less than 8 hours. But this seems to adjust by itself since I usually don’t get enough sleep on the days that I go to school. And I get more than enough sleep on the weekends. And if I’m very tired during the day I can just take a quick nap on the bus on the way home.

But in general I always fall asleep very fast if I wake up during the night and this happens even if I try not to fall asleep. Then only way I’ve found that makes me fall asleep slower if to focus on some sound when I’m falling asleep and this also seems to keep my mind from wandering too much and falling asleep from that.

Drink some warm milk right before going to bed again :smile: Or count yourself to dreamland: “1… I’m dreaming… 2… I’m dreaming…”. This helped me in the past… I never made it to 100 :smile: