WBTB help

Ok, so I’ve been LDing for about a year now, and all of my LDs have been DILDs. I’ve been wanting to try WBTB SSILD for a while, but I’m having trouble waking my self up with an alarm. I have a speaker pillow, and have been using it with my ipad to set an alarm at about 2AM for WBTB, but I’m such a heavy sleeper it almost never wakes me up, and when it does work I usually go straight back to sleep.

Has anyone got any advice for ways to wake myself up more effectively for WBTB, or maybe other techs that don’t need WBTB?

Czaranis :smile:

Hello Czaranis !

For the WBTB method you’re supposed to wake up 2 hours before your normal wake-up time.

SSILD is very effective, however you need to wake up…

I suggest you use your iPad to create an alarm, put the ringtone called “alarm” and put the volume to maximum, pt your iPad next to your bed, on a table or something. It will never stop ringing, and as it will be very loud it is going to wake you up and be annoying. So to “get rid” of this annoying thing you will have to wake up and go out of bed. I suggest you put your iPad out of reach, so you HAVE to get up to turn off the annoying sound. You should become progressively awake by then.

Good luck ! :content:

I would do this, but my sister is sleeping right next door to me and she gets really annoyed if woken up in the middle of the night. So I need a way to wake my self up without a loud alarm. The speaker pillow’s cable is about 30cm long, so I can’t really put the iPad far away from me and still have it connected to the pillow. If I have music or an audiobook on the pillow (which I often do to help me get to sleep) I can hear it quite loudly, but no one else can. However, if I have an alarm on the ipad, it almost never wakes me up. :sad:

Have a code on your iPad so you MUST put in the code to disable the alarm. :tongue:
You can also display a message when the alarm is ringing, so you could display something encouraging, like “DON’T go back to sleep !”. :wink: Maybe you will think about it and the urge to have a LD instead of just sleeping normally. Because a LD is based on being excited about it : if you just go back to sleep there is no use of LDing.

Ok, sounds good. I do have a code, but I think I’ll change it so I have to think a bit, and keep myself awake. Thanks for the advice DeepDream!

No problem Czaranis, you have helped me before so I owed you one. :content:

Well you should be able to wake up for WBTB without alarm. Thant already makes an autosuggestion in your mind that you need to do something important (of course if LD is important to you).

Once when you are able to do that lucidness will come much easier… Because waking up without alarm makes you already more aware and conscious then if you wake up with alarm. Because waking with alarm you will ask yourself why did alarm rang, but when you wake up on your own (using autosuggestion) you will already have the idea and task in your mind, if you wouldn’t then you wouldn’t wake up.

See where I’m going? Being able to wake up means you are conscious, means you are aware subconsciously which makes you aware in a dream where subconscious is your doorway to dreams.

Being generally aware helps you in many ways. Being aware changes the view on life itself. Try being lucid in your waking life as you are trying to become lucid in your dreams. Because one can not exist with another and vice versa!

I have only read up a bit on WILDs a while ago; I don’t have any experience with it as it is not my chosen method for LDs. Stephen LaBerge gave a tip for WILDs: drink a glass or two of water before you go to bed, it may help you wake up because of the need to empty your bladder. I also know that participating in a strenuous activity during that short period of time that you are awake in the night greatly, greatly increases chances for a LD, forcing out your urine by flexing your abs can be that activity.

Hope this helps

If you still need help getting up, I use an app called “Sleep as Android” (I use it for the morning, but it’d work for WBTB too). It lets you set an alarm that requires you to do math, play a minigame, or scan a QR code you put somewhere before it’ll stop. I think it’s in the Apple store as well (it’s been a while since I had an iPhone). It’s really useful for early mornings :tongue:

It’s best if you wake up naturally, without an alarm clock.
You can do this by simply wanting to wake up in the night, and expecting to do it.
This is called auto-suggestion.

Also, there are no hard rules on how WBTB should be practiced - the basic idea is simply to wake up during a dream and then re-enter the dream with a more alert mind.