WBTB, napping and WILD

Ok, probably this is a stupid question, but…

When one uses WILD at night he better use WBTB not only because later REM periods are longer, but even because the first REM period begins long before one begins sleeping

When one uses WILD and napping the REM period is not so far away (as REM is the point of napping, isn’t it?)…

so what if in example I decide to take a nap at night like at 1 am and to wake up at 2?

I mean how comes that REM comes sooner on a nap than on plain sleeping? :confused:

it sounds to me as if you’re over complicating things.
just WBTB in the middle of the night, keep yourself up by doing something else first… write your dream diarty, or wahtever, go piss or look on the net. then do WILD Before going to bed.
if you’re going to nap, just do that during the day to get some sleep, and try your hand once more at some Lucid dreaming

To nap and WILD, the nap should be at about the middle of your wake cycle. If you try to take a nap just before you go to bed, or when you normally go to bed, then you will not be going into REM very fast, just like when you go to bed. When you take a nap after about six to ten hours of being awake, you are not so tired that you need a long deep sleep cycle before you begin to REM.