WBTB regulary?

I´d like to know wether WBTB is something you only irregulary, like only when you got nothing to do.
Or do you do WBTB let´s say, every tuesday and saturday?
Are there also people in here who do WBTB every night, changed their whole sleeping cycle?

I´d be interested in it since so good results are reported, but think it would be easier if I could do it at regular times, make it a habit.However, I don´t know if I could manage to do it e.g every Saturday, probably I´d be lazy for that.
Doing it every night sounds easiest, but I fear it isn´t healthy.Would I be able to some work when waking up in the middle of the night, so it isn´t “wasted time”?

What are your thoughts/experiences on this?


for the first few weeks i did it every night. i used my cell phone to wake me up at random times between 5 and 6. then my mom all of a sudden needed another cell phone for her job so she stole mine, and now i wake up in the middle of the night about 70% of the time. all of my LD’s have come from WBTB though :smile: just my experiences with it.

Oh yes, another question (especially for those who do it every night):
How long do you stay awake?

When I first experienced with this, I did it every 2 or 3 nights. Now with school and stuff I do it once a week or less. But holidays are coming next week… so then I’ll use WBTB more, perhaps every night. I’ll just have to see what this suits me best, because if I do WBTB for 1hr I’m pretty tired in the morning.
Whenever I do it I stay awake for at least half an hour. Last night I did WBTB for an hour (between 6-7am). As a result I had 2 short LD and 1 very weird WILD-OBE-LD-FA-SP thing (see my diary). WBTB is my 2nd best LD induction method, after Suneye. In about 60% of the cases I used WBTB, I had 1 or more LDs afterwards.

This is my problem, sometimes I just can´t keep myself up. Last night I wrote a message next to my alarm clock, it said: “You lazy idiot, don´t go to sleep, slap yourself in the face and have a glass of water.” :cheesy:

Didn´t help! :grrr:
It feels like I can´t control myself when I´m sleepy. :crying:

Sometimes when I manage to keep myself up, I stay awake abaut 10-20mins. My both LDs also came from WBTB.
But how can I stay awake? I have my cellphone and alarmclock waking me (almost every night) btu…

Sorry for my poor english.

I try WBTB every night. Sometimes at 4AM its hard to get motivated :bored: and I go right back to bed. Usually after WBTB I keep waking up every 40-50ish minutes. I don’t stay awake long but I’m planning to change that.

I’m doing it every day at the moment. After six hours or thereabouts, I get up and have a piss and stay up for about 5 minutes - that’s about all I can handle, otherwise I can’t get back to sleep. I had 2 LD’s at the weekend and am prepared to keep this up for a little while. Find it reall y hard to drop off on my back so I usually end up on my side.

I read in some article by Laberge that he found that 60 minutes of staying awake is more usefull then 30. Also, while being awake 1 hour, people should do LD related reading to set their minds to LD (so i guess better not do something “usefull”). After 1 hour awake, you should go back to bed and do MILD for 10 minutes and then goto sleep. Laberge found this to be generally the best method to induce LD’s.

Btw the article is here


Yes, the best way is to do WBTB every night, and thus making it a habit. But this may have to do with me because I am the black-and-white kind of person who only wants to do WBTB if he can make it a habit. But anyone can agree that, when something which feels difficult at first becomes a habit it also becomes much easier. That’s just the nature of habits.

I have practiced WBTB for a few months (oct/nov/dec 2000) and I noticed my dream recall and LD frequency was getting better and better with time. Don’t know where I would have end if I kept on practicing, the sad news is that the skills you develop over time disappear very quickly if you stop practicing.

I don’t see why doing it every night would be unhealthy, as long as you keep getting enough sleep. In the beginning, there is a higher chance you don’t fall asleep at all but this problem fades away when your biorythm adapts to the new sleeping pattern.

If you have to get up early every day I guess it’s best to first learn getting to bed earlier and at regular times. Then, if you see you wake up half an hour earlier than before every morning, then your biorythm is ready for phase 2, WBTB. I’m in phase I right now, fighting the resistance to getting to bed earlier and the impatience to start practicing WBTB right away.

A less patient approach can be used by people who enjoy vacancy or never have to get up early. Actually, anyone who doesn’t have to care about getting up early and calls himself lucid dreamer should immediately be buried alive if he doesn’t start practicing WBTB right now :devil: . Just joking, but the fact is regular WBTB = more lucid dreams just like regular jogging = better physical condition.

Don’t hesitate and GET UP. Just get up, leave your bed, perform some physical action.

The LaBerge article mentioned above was the one that made me try it and I was happy to see it really worked.

Another inspiring article concerning the subject:
consciousdreaming.com/lucid- … ethods.htm

I’ve been waking up at 4 or 5 every day for the past 6 months. I make exceptions for things like sleepovers (I tried doing it even then but boy did my friend get annoyed when I turned the light on) and days when I have to get up really early or if I have a huge test or something like that. I stay up as long as I can, which is anywhere from 3 - 40 minutes, usually, and then go back to bed using WILD or MILD or both. It is surprisingly effective. But…yawn…I’m so tired…lol.

Pinkster :lmao:

If I were going to WBTB and attempt a WILD, wouldn’t it be better if I only got up for about 5 min? I can understand wanting to stay up an hour if I were going to try the MILD technique, but it seems like a WILD would be much harder after an hour of being up.

HI traumgänger! :content:

Well i have only been doing WBTB for about a month now. It has worked wonders 4 me. I have recalled my dreams so much better! When i was in school i would do WBTB on a friday or saturday…never during the week. This is because i didnt want it to affect me during the day when i had to be WhoLe…if u know what i mean.

I would never do WBTB regularly…it would (as u said) change my whole sleeping cycle and i wouldnt want to do that just for this method. Now since im not in school anymore(summer vacation) i still dont do WBTB every night as i aslso(like u) think its not healthy.

BTW…when i do try WBTB i usually stay up for 20mins. During that time i do anything to keep my mind working so that im as conscious as possible…thus entering a dream easier. My friend(who is very experienced with WBTB) told me that at first one should stay up for 20mins or so…and as time goes by and the person has more practice, they should stay up longer.
Good luck with WBTB ^_~