WBTB too easy?

A little background first: im what you could call a lucid dreaming rookie. i dont have much experience. i tend to get into lucid dreaming every few months but usually lose interest after a while. i guess thats why i havent gotten very good at it. anyway i had a unexpected LD 2 weeks ago and that has gotten me back into it. ive been trying numerous shortcuts and methods to try to gain lucidity as fast as i can because im to impatient to wait months for certain exercises to pay off.

Anyway, i woke up this morning at about 5:20 because my stomach was killing me. I feel asleep at about 1:45am. Anyway, as nasty as it sounds, i was stuck goin in and out of the bathroom for about an hour. During this time pretty much the only thing on my mind was lucid dreaming and i was doing a RC like every 4 seconds, looking at all types of text multiple times to see if it changes. Well i finally fell asleep at like 6:30 and it seemed as the second my dream started i continued my constant RC’ing, and instant lucidity. I rubbed my hands together and gained incredible vividness and stability. I was thrilled because all of my past LD’ing i had like a blurred vision and woke up very quickly. This LD lasted longer then i could even type and was able to try numerous fun things. I woke up about an hour later overexcited, fell asleep and had another LD instantly by another RC for no reason. I was surprised because both of these dreams didnt have any weirdness in it i just did an RC automatically.

Well im definalty going to try this again tonight but hopefully without the bathroom part. I’ll report back and see if i am as lucky as i was this night.

ps- weird thing happened…i looked in the mirror in the beginning of my first LD and i saw my normal reflection, then certain parts of my face started to morph like into cartoon or comic book face features…weird…

You sound exactly like i am, my interest in LD’s goes on and off every few months, the only difference between me and you is, youve had an LD :sad: . Anyway the WBTB method proves to be the most effective for lucid dreamers, 75-80% of the time this method works for people. You should consider yourself lucky that you woke up with a bad stomach, IT’S JUST PROVED THE METHOD THAT WORKS FOR YOU!

my advice would be to try the WBTB method again and do what you done the last time, except for the bathroom part. Go to your kitchen and get yourself a glass of water, while performing numerous RC’s. hopefully you will dreamm about pouring a glass of water!

Good Luck :wink:

The thing with the mirror happens to me. I spent a while in one LD trying to make myself look right. but when I fixed one part of my face another part got messed up. Then my eye fell out of its socket and i got freaked out and left the mirror. I am not sure what this means. it probably has some deep psychological meaning.

Or maybe it’s completely random :tongue:.

Anyway, I’m really happy for you steff! I think I’ll try the WBTB method tonight. Actually, I know I will :smile:.

brad: I had no idea WBTB ad 75-80% success rate! I am pumped for tonight!

Yeah, that seems like me too, every few months.

Nice avitar btw Seems to be lots of Dream Theater fans on these boards

JUst out of curiosity why or how do you lose interest in LDing. Seems impossible to me, there just too much fun

Well, when you first really hear about the whole idea and the possibilities, you can’t really get it off your mind. Then you have a few, and you think you are setted into a rythym of them, but you loose it, and need to concentrate more.

well i lost interest a few times because i wasn’t gettin anywhere. all of the effort and only like one or two small ld’s didn’t keep me motivated. anyway im back in it for now i hope.

well i tried the WBTB again last night but had a problem. i couldn’t fall back to sleep. i remembered that i had the same problem when i tried this method back in the day. i think it is because i was so excited and impatient to fall asleep and start dreaming. i was laying in bed constantly thinking “alright when am i gunna fall asleep…come ON!”…and when i think about falling asleep i never can. anyways to fix this?

It depends when you wake up. If you wake up too close to your normal waking time, you may not be able to fall asleep as easily. The best times to wake up are times when you know that you’ll fall asleep again, like 3 or 4 in the morning. To help you fall back asleep, you might want to do breathing exercises or repeat stuff over and over.

Weird, I was just about to post a topic concerning this. I tried the WBTB method two nights in a row for the last two nights and had the same problem.

Oddly enough, I seem to dream the heaviest and most vivid dreams during the first hours of sleep. After I woke up, not only was it hard for me to get to bed, but I didn’t remember any dreams.

im the opposite…i remember most of my vivid dreams after like 6 of sleep, or especially when i wake up in the morning but keep dosing back asleep. anyway the WBTB method is gettin sort of hard to scheldue because on weekends i usually dont fall asleep till like 2-3am which makes it very hard to wake up after a few hours of sleep and try to fall back asleep when its light out. and now that school is coming back for me i dont know how i can wake myself up every night and still get up for school. but im just gunna keep trying it and hopefully soon i can post another sucess story…maybe if my damm dream recall improves a little…

Well, I’ve lost the will to LD. I’ve tried motivating myself, but MILD before bed is usless. SO I’m going to WBTB instead.

Sometimes I have to put in a couple hours of mental work a day trying to HAVE a LD. This is called trying too hard. Anyways, so much work for 1 short lucid dream once every couple of weeks… heh, not worth it. Its best to put in just a small amount of effort.
some of us dont have LD 44 times a month lol.

In my case, when I try WBTB, 2 things can happen. It’s either I wake up to the alram and IMMEDIATELY fall back to sleep, without even thinking of lucid dreaming or dream recall, OR I wake up, and when I go back to sleep, I set my mind on lucid dreaming, but it just takes me too long until I fall asleep! And while trying to fall asleep I can’t concentrate hard enough on LDs, and my minds starts to ponder on other stuff, like school and airplanes. So when I eventually fall asleep, nothing really happens. :neutral:

i tried WBTB method last night and had my first low level LD

Im losing interest in LDing because…I cant :sad:

And I tried WBTB and im not even waking up now…its just like i dont even care.

EDIT - oh thats why, my watch is on AM when it should be on PM and vice versa LOL