WBTB:WILD, Suneye Questions

I’ve tried Suneye method I about 3 times. For those who don’t know Suneye is pretty much the same thing as WBTB:WILD. My question is this, is it possible for someone to forget a WILD induced lucid dream? Don’t you stay alert the whole time you are trying WILD? Another thing is, should I try WILD on my back because it seems that everytime I try WILD on my side (my most comfortabe position) I end up falling asleep. An example of this is what happened yesterday, I went to sleep at 12:35 and set my alarm to wake me up at 5:35 which it did. I then stayed up for 1 hour. I attempted to do the chants on my side, but I guess I fell asleep because I woke up at 9:30 without any recall of anything special happening. The question I have is, could I have actually had a lucid dream, but forgetten it?

That’s entirely possible.

It’s also possible to fall asleep while trying to induce a LD, but still end up having one.

That’s happened to me lately, as I have been trying to stay awake while falling asleep at night.

This has not worked yet (kind of close the other day though) but sometimes it yields me to be lucid in the first sets of dreams I seem to have.

I don’t suppose there is anyway of knowing really… but if you worry that you are having LDs and just aren’t remembering them, perhaps during the first/next LD you have, you should force yourself awake and write it down (and make sure you are awake by RCing?) so as just to have a confidence there that you CAN LD?

I don’t think if you had an LD you’d be too likely to forget it though, more just like have a hard time remembering details.

I’m not sure what method you are using exactly but saying

“I am dreaming.” or “I will become lucid when I enter a dream.”
CAN work with trying to do a WILD if you start falling asleep… you have to do it over and over until it becomes such a habit that you are liable to pay more attention to the unconscious thoughts/hallucinations while falling alseep than you are to the mantra… but it’ll still be there.

I’ll always maintain that it’s extremely unlikely for anyone to ever forget a lucid dream, regardless of how it was induced. I say unlikely, becuase I often get attacked for using the “i” word. :smile: Chances are you simply fell asleep too soon. Do you even remember experiencing hypnagogics as you were laying there?

This is the problem I often have with attempting WILD on my side. Since I generally sleep in that position anyway, it’s too easy for me to fall asleep before I see any progress. So, usually I’ll try it laying on my back, which allows me to remain conscious for much longer. Just for the sake of mentioning it, I also practice meditation on my back, so it’s quite easy for me to get into a totally relaxed state, particularly if I’ve just woken up.

Good luck with it.

This is great! I can identify with what you’re talking about concerning forgetting a WILD.

I once did a WBTB method, and I naturally was doing the WILD… I felt the paralysis, and heard the sounds, etc…but then I fell totally asleep so that I didn’t stay awake for the dream. but I know that now I’m onto something!

Suneye is a great method.