WBTB. It comes naturally. I always wake up around three. Three hours from when I awake. I don’t know why, I think it’s my SC trying to tell me somethin. To wake up and become lucid. I try to do something like thinking about a location, and hopefully in my dreams i’ll be at that locati0n and become fully lucid. I think it is called VILD. Please, anyone, tell me some more new techniques. I’d love to try some new stuff!

I naturally wake up early in the morning to. I am gonna try that.

It’s weird, but anyways. Are there anymore techs?

I dont want to be rude or so, but this entire forum is really crawling with techniques (go read sticky topics on WILD and MILD to start with if you havent)! You should ask more specific questions otherwise im not sure if someone will respond (perhaps someone with an overdose of patience…)