It is about 3:30, i just woke up from my dream and decided to try the WBTB method. Anyone know what seems to be the best time to stay awake for. I read places it is 30 minutes, some 60 minutes and yet others say allmost 2 hours. Can anyone tell me from personal experience?

Well i’ve had success when i’ve been awake for 5mins and another time 2hours so cant really know the “optimal” time. Its about how you feel :razz:

From personal experience, I’d say 30 to 60 minutes. However, that’s only when you wish to do pure WBTB or WBTB combined with MILD. If you wish to combine WBTB with WILD, then it’s probably best to stay awake for only a few minutes (the more drowsy you are, the faster you’ll relax in order to WILD successfully).

The only problem with staying awake for a longer time is that you may have trouble falling back asleep.

It’s worked twice for me. Both times I just woke up, looked at the clock, and went back to sleep. (no other methods)

That’s just me though. :grin:

The optimal time is about 45 mn, according to Pr LaBerge.