I have been looking around here for a while, Trying out the methods. I have never had a lucid dream until last night. I had been working on WILD but i think i actually had the lucid dream because of WBTB.

Basically heres what happened, I was first attempting WILD. It was working great, I saw spots and my body slowly became number and number. Soon it felt like it was completely gone, But than my heart rate kept getting faster and faster. By the time i was what i believe to be full SP my heart was beating so fast and hard i could hear it and feel it.

I was scared i would hurt myself if i allowed this to continue so i opened my eyes.
Defeated and disappointed i went to sleep.

Than i woke up at 6:00 am because of a cell phone alarm i had, Naturally i would wake up at this time and start my day but i was exhausted and went back to sleep.
I didn’t even attempt to go lucid, It just happened…

I found myself in a classroom with my best friend, One i had never seen before. The teacher was making us do hand exercise, I thought nothing of this weird activity. Finally as i looked around and finally at my hands, I felt myself floating to the back of the room.

As i floated i realized i was dreaming and suddenly found myself in a school hallway, A huge mob of kids came running down the hall, I saw flashes of blue across their faces. It was strange, The kid in front of the mob looked a lot like me when i was younger.

I ran into a lunch room, I felt naked. There was a bunch of young kids inside, At this moment the dream was at it’s strongest. I attempted to reenact the scene of me running into the lunch room but i tried to replace to kids with people i know.

As i did this it seemed to have worked for a second but than i blacked out, Suddenly i saw a man. He looked kinda like Andrew Ryan from bioshock, Point is at this point i said Lucidity x 1000 ( like in the guide heh xD ) and he seemed to mimic my mouth movements and say it too.

Than i heart a click, Like a TV turning off and the dream disappeared.

I tried desperate to bring it back but than i woke up right then and there.

So given the circumstances, Was this WBTB? If it was should i continue with it or stick with WILD? I don’t really know what to do here. :help:

Moved from Lucid Adventures. You’ll probably get more tips here :smile:

Well, that was basically a WBTB, but don’t worry about any of that. You had a LD, so congratulations! :ok: Next ones will become easier and easier to come to you. For the techniques, remember that whatever happens in WILD, it’s completely harmless, and you should just relax, and WBTB can always be done in conjunction with it if you want. Try and find out what works for you, afterall a man chooses :wink:
Good luck! ^^

Good to know ill be safe doing WBTB, Thanks for the advice.

Also that reference to Bioshock - AWESOME! :grin:

A man chooses!

WBTB is great
before my first lucid dream i used to go to bed around 10pm, with an alarm set for 3am.
at 10 i would drift to sleep normally, without stressing myself by trying to induce a LD but subtley encouraging my dream recall with mantras like: “i dream every night, i will remember i am dreaming”
its when my alarm would wake me up at 3 that the real business could start
having been alseep for roughly 5 hours it is much easier to enter r.e.m. sleep
where all the fun happens (lucid or not)
“…and as we all know, fun rules”
-waking life :smile: