we are back!

The server went down overnight. It has just been rebooted. Then the database of the forum had errors so I have repaired it and optimized it. I don’t know what the damage is, please let me know if you miss anything.

the latest backup i have of the database is from wednesday (2 days ago) , it appeared to have gone down just as it was doing the daily backup.

eep, i have to reset the server clock i see.

This is gorgeous! I still have to internet from a nearby library when I get the time so I’m not fully back but at least I got here in time to see the new changes. =0) Fantabulous! It looks great.

great, it couldn’t have been a backup before someone merged two topics into one by mistake. At least then I’d have the 5000 view count back hehe :tongue:

i thought of that right away mohegan … but I think everything is restored back to normal now … or nearly everything?

lol :tongue:

as it is I’m using no backup at all, just the forum how it was before things went down. And that’s better than putting a backup in place since then it would mean a 48 hour loss of posts and such.

Thank you :colgate:

Good to see you :peek: peek in :happy: