we have moved to a faster server :D

Hi everybody,

edit: the server move has been completed, we are now on a faster hosting package. :hurray: Thank you everybody who made this possible :boogie:

I just paid for the upgrade, so we are moving to a faster server any moment now. I don’t know if there will be any downtime - but in case there is, consider this the notice.

DON’T PANIC :content:

edit: i’ve been informed the server has to be rebooted, this normally takes 20 minutes to an hour.


Hitch Hikers reference, niiice… :cool: The “DON’T PANIC” thing, like on the guide, isn’t very reasurring. :razz:

Thanks for the warning, Q :smile: Hopefully everything goes well!

Hurray !

Certainly a lot faster than before :tongue: :cool:

I agree :content:

hmm, i think it slowed down, buuut that’s probably my crappy old computer
taps screen
aww man
no seroiusly, it was faster before but that’s probably cos i have my computer on for about 5 hours, that wears the memory out so it sllllooooowwwwwssssss ddddooooowwwwwwnnnnn :tongue:


I hope you dont take this bad, but i notice absolutely zero speed improvement… Actually it seems slower than on average for me now, and it takes over 20-30 seconds for index forum to respond and actually start loading.

Edit: Again it is the forum index that respond so slow, while normal threads load much faster…

And i dont have this problem with any other website… What happens is: Waiting for www.ld4all.com…. it loads fast once it starts actually loading…

yes, i noticed that too and i dont know what causes it. I thought with the faster server this would belong to the past.

So i’m finding out why this is.

im on dail up here is aussie land and i have noticeed a great speed improvment across the entire board…

Q: perhaps on the old server there were some PHP/MySQL related tweaks/improvements that speeded up the index loading there? and those aren’t on this one?

Also, is the server physically located in the same datacenter? if not, the speed differences may differ greatly per location a visitor comes from :smile:

For instance, if the server used to be located in the USA and now is located in the Netherlands, it may be a lot faster for the Dutchies, but could be lots slower for USA people.

But I assume you are still in the same center with the same provider, just on a server with higher specs :smile:
So then the possible solutions could be for instance be PHP/Apache/MySQL tweaks.

fix: it’s the same center, and an upgraded package. I think i’m even still on the same box, but with the upgraded package. Since it is vitual private server, i have now more memory, cpu power and diskspace allocated.

the mysql/ etc tweaks should be exactly the same. I have noticed that at some times it can be very slow, at other times it is faster again.

There are more users on the server, if the load is low, LD4all get’s all the available memory/cpu (of the whole computer). If the server is busy, then LD4all gets it’s max allotted CPU/Memory . (that is now 2x what it was before).

If you know of any mysql tweaks i can add i’m all ears :wink:

I’m also searching out a solution to archive older threads to free more space in the database.

I don’t notice much of a difference too.

I think that could explain it… Maybe the box itself is overloaded with too many clients/virtual servers. Then it will be slow no matter how much memory is allocated and so on…

It does not seem very slow for me at the moment though… Seems to vary a bit from day to day/time of day.

yes… but in this case LD4all always has the alloted memory/cpu. It seems that in heavy-loaded times, the memory/cpu then available is still having trouble with the size of LD4all.

(if LD4all still were to be on shared hosting… it would be unbearable slow).

what are your other options and how much would they cost? if there are too many ppl on one box is there anyway that you could transfer to a new box? i dont know a lot about it so i cant suggest anything helpful, but i would like to learn :smile: