We have moved to a new server! :boogie:

This one is more expensive than the previous one, but I have seen what happens now when I go for the budget option :cry:

The costs for a year are $1188 + $60 for the remote backup account. = 1248

update: I have also signed up for a remote backup account in another place to make a backup of the backup. I don’t want to go through the same thing again as what happened previously. two weeks of data lost because my backup was kept in the same datacenter which lost connection to internetSo to be sure everything is now backed up every day on a remote server in another datacenter. This is $5 a month. I have added this to the needed amount.

I have gotten a refund from the previous host (i prepaid for a year), and 2 new donations for 2007. To keep things simple I will calculate the costs for the year 2007. So we can have a fundraiser for the whole year starting january 1st.

10 months still to be paid for = $ 990
10 months backup account: $ 50
already donated : $ 366

needed amount: $ 674

[color=crimson][b]amount still to go for 2007: $ 0 [/b]

*** this will cover hosting until january 18th 2008 *** [/color]

:peek: edit: ok I can’t calculate :shy: until january 18th the hosting is $990 (10 months instead of 9 :tongue:) so updating the total amount again… :grin:

Please do not feel obligated to donate, but every gift is welcome!

As always, I’m very thankful for your donations :happy: :flower: :cookiemon:

ways to donate:
Paypal: please go here to donate :smile:
While every gift is greatly appreciated, i need to point out that paypal takes a fee of 35 eurocents (about $ 0.40) plus 3.4 % of the donated amount. So if you donate $1 it takes almost half of it. I have always covered for those fees myself but it is good to keep in mind. That’s why I prefer it if you could send it directly to my bank account if possible, because then nothing is taken off.
please mention your forum username so I know who it is from :smile:

Direct money transfer (international):
If you’re from the EU and your currency is the Euro, you can also transfer money (without paying a fee) directly to my bank account.
please include ‘LD4all donatie’ and your forum username

:boogie: :boogie: :boogie: :boogie:

If you have donated you can use this image in your sig if you want, to show that you have donated. It links back to this topic. Use this code:

[url=https://community.ld4all.com/t/we-made-it-thank-you/24602] [img]https://www.ld4all.com/images/forum/sponsoricon2007.gif[/img][/url]
(remove the space when you put it in your sig, I put it like this to prevent widening of the page)

2007 donors:
note: if I do not know your forum name (or you don’t have one) I’ll use your initials in the list of donors

Wadadli :happy:
Stradivar :thumbs:
Kenneth :yay:
Siiw :flower: :cool:
Pithlit :woot:
r0nald :happy:
Petter :boogie:
Maureen :yay:
Canasta :woot:
Tsondru :boogie:
P.H. :happy:
Xhin :hurray:
Yohurt :yay:
Sandra :sandra:
NeoMarine :woot:
compguy :colgate:
aircoop :happy:
Saskia :happy:
P.S. :hurray:
R3TR0 :happy:
Three Star Union :happy:
I.E. :woo:
Valkyr :colgate:
Akorah :yay:
P.M. :woot:
S.E. :boogie:
Somnio Forte :hurray:

Hm… I’m not sure if it’s just my computer, but the 2007 sponsor icon died. ;__;

yes, i probably haven’t copied it to the temp server. It’ll be back when i copy everything properly to the new server.

yay, we are on a new server, and your donations are more than welcome! please check the first post :smile:

ill see what i can do to help mate!

thank you kenneth for your generous donation! :yay:

thank you TheR :smile:

The 2007 sig image is available now :smile: Check first post :content:

:peek: thank you siiw! :happy:

Are you kidding?? Paypal takes out…that’s highway robbery!! So, me being from the US, I cannot transfer to your Holland account?

wanderer nico: yes you can transfer to my holland account but the bank fees would probably be higher then the paypal one. Atheist sent money from australia last time and he said that the bank fees where incredibly high.

I’ll save up some money this summer for I shall have a job. Perhaps then I can help next year with what I have left over from gas and food,

Hope you get enough money to continue on Q. Great forum it is.

I’m a 2o year old, white, collegiate buddhist. I, obviously, have no money. But I will sell a kidney if it is necessary… is it?

Man, no need to sell a kidney I’d say :smile:

I’m getting my netback up soon, I’ll see if i can manage to transfer then :smile:

I got a job now… i’m not getting much money but I don’t see why I couldn’t donate. Well, just as soon as I figure out how to do that hehe.

Donated a bit, sorry that i couldn´t do more :meh:

Thank you Pithlit! :woot:

You did those 23 eurocents on purpose didn’t you? :tongue:
I’m rounding it off on calculating it into dollars :grin:

I’m selling my little brother Unreal Tournament 2004 for $20. I should be able to donate some of that.

I’m a 2o year old, white, collegiate buddhist. I, obviously, have no money. But I will sell a kidney if it is necessary… is it?

How much are kidneys running these days anyway?

Allright Q, I think I managed to send trough the bank :smile:

The weird, sick and little smart thing is : I can NOT buy things torugh the net, but i CAN send money trough the net hehe.

Thank you Petter! :happy: I look forward to see it on my bank account :smile: Will prob take a few days :smile:

Haha, what a quick reply xD

I thought the “red topic¨” thing was malfunctioning xD

it’s on my bank account now, thank you petter! :happy: