We will be moving to a new forum march 13th

Hello everyone!

/me is :hyper: for the move, she and a few LD4all superheros have been preparing this in silence for months already, and now it’s finally time to announce it :happy:

after 18 years on phpbb (the current forum software) the time has come to move to a new forum framework.

That time is soon!


On friday, march 13th (yes! lucky date!) I will start with the conversion and moving of everything.

This means:

  • this forum will close, only one forum will remain open (the lifeboat) so you can still post if you want, HOWEVER, posts there will be lost after the move.
  • Save your PMs Since those can’t (unfortunately) be migrated to the new forum.
  • All posts, DJ’s etc will move to the new forum

The migrating will take approx a week
(everything needs to be translated to the new software and then we have to smoothen out some stuff like bb codes appearing, moving some topics to the appropriate categories, some final testing…)

  • during that time on current forum only the lifeboat forum will be open, allowing you time to save PM’s, still post that cool dream you need to share, etc
  • When everything is done, the link to the new site will be announced
  • The new forum will be opened :happy:
  • This current forum will remain read only for a while (again, to save PM’s mostly).
  • after a grace period of a few weeks, all traffic will be redirected to the new forum so this forum will not be available anymore.

From march 13th this forum will be closed and reincarnate after a week into LD4all2020

I just came back to using the site after nearly 15 years away, it’s just like I remember. Will the look and feel of the forum remain the same?

Yes , it will change a bit but still feel like LD4all :yes:

Also, welcome back! Great timing :wink:

Sorry, I have been busy.

Oh, how, you have chosen the lucky day.

I will always remember this for a special reason.

Does anyone have some special way of dumping the PMs? Some forums allow to save them.