Wearables and LD

Hi all,

What wearables are fit for inducing lucid dreaming?

Aside from the obvious, dream masks and the like, I would think most watches could be used to some degree, as I assume most have some ‘silent’ vibration based alarm you can use for WBTBs, or if it’s light enough, to get some external stimuli that might work it’s way into your dream. I’m not sure I’d recommend sleeping with an expensive electronic device strapped to you, unless it was designed for that.

You have given me an idea though. I have a Fitbit, which I use for my morning alarm. The vibration is quiet enough that it generally doesn’t wake someone else in the bed, but, being attached to my wrist, it never fails to wake me. I should use this as a ‘silent’ WBTB alarm.
Another function it has is a ‘Relaxation’ timer. Basically, it vibrates a short, low pulse about once per second with instructions like “breathe in til the first pulse, then out til the next”, etc. As these are gentle and rhythmic, I may be able to incorporate it into a WILD technique (maybe FILD-like).