Wee Bit o' Help?

Hello All, My name is Glenn from the UK and have just this week started to know about Lucid Dreaming, i tried one method last night for my first attempt, the method was to: While i was in bed to repeat to myself “i am dreaming, i know im dreaming, Backgarden, Football” i repeated this until i feel asleep, now i dont know what happened but i dont know weather i was dreaming or awake, but for some reason, i said to myself, im dreaming here, and suddenly woke up properly, this happened about 4 more times one after anorther, was i just saying this to myself cause i was thinking about it, or was i dreaming and could not keep the lucidity?


I’m guessing that you should stick with this method for a few days of weeks to see if telling yourself you are dreaming can eventually keep you in the dream world without waking up. Then you will find out for sure what it is like to be awake in a dream.

That probably doesn’t make any sense because I’m tired.
Oh well. There are heaps of topics here to help you anyway…just look for the BIG sticky topics at the top of each forum. That’s where we hide most of the discussions on technique. Feel free to look around.

Good Luck and welcome!!