i was wondering if anybody else has this problem. i can’t seem to remeber dreams on the weekends. i dunno why. every now and then i’ll remeber a small part but i usally have nothing to put in my dream journal. any help with somthing i can do to make this go away would be greatly appreciated. thanks :grin:

at weekends you probably sleep longer, so you forget the dreams you’ve had. When you have to wake up earlier they are obviously a little fresher in your mind.

That’s just a guess lol could just be a coincidence lol.

Maybe because you have a totally different sleep rythm in the weekends, like going to bed much much later. If you have a sentitive biorythm (like I have), this could disturb your sleep stages. I try to go to bed at the same time 7 days a week (not always possible but I try) and it works wonders for my dream recall and LD’s. But I know, it’s fun to stay up very late in the weekends :grin:

ya gues that’s my problem. o well maybe meditation will help me. heh

Hm here it’s often the other way round… Because I’m able to sleep longer during weekends, I can stay longer in REM-sleep, thus remembering more dreams.
I’m not sure why you seem to experience it otherwise though… Perhaps it’s all in your head :smile: In the evening you could perhaps even more strengthen your intention to remember your dreams in the morning. Be confident it will work. This might help… :smile:

EDIT: Brainhacker’s idea seems quite plausible indeed!

couldn’t hurt to try :happy: thanks

Meditation rocks, it helps me more than any substance (like B-vits) to increase dream recall and LD-frequency. So it could help you to overcome the problem.

On weekends, because I sleep too long, I have so many dreams and they all seem to mix together that I get overwhelmed trying to remember all the parts and I usually don’t write any down which then leads me to forget them more often. (Long sentence.) I agree with what the others have said and would advise having a few alarm clocks to wake you up so you can take time to remember your dreams, record them, or practice WILD. Good luck!

It’s probably to do with the fact that you are allowed to wake up slowly and gradually, and in the process, you can easily forget your dreams. But on weekdays - well especially if you have an alarm clock, you are brought extremely suddenly from the world of your dreams to real life, and the sudden contrast probably helps you remember your dreams.

But to be honest, sometimes I like being able to gradually forget my dreams on weekends.

My dream recall’s usually a bit better at weekends because of having the extra time to lie in bed and remember them. But like WaNnAbE said, it makes sense that being woken suddenly with an alarm during the week would keep them fresher in your mind. Perhaps it doesn’t work for me because I set the alarm so late, that there’s a mad rush to get ready in the morning causing me to forget everything. I’m my own worst enemy :tongue: