weight lifting

Does anyone have marks on their arms from weight lifting ?? is it possible they are stretch marks ?

I’d have to see the mark to determine that. Anyway, if they are stretch marks, then maybe focus on something more aerobic, or lift for endurance (15-20 reps for each set).

i used to lift in the 7th grade but i got bored :razz:(never seen any strech marks)

I go to the gym regularly and lift weights as well as use machines, but I don’t have any stretch marks. If you’re worried that they are stretch marks, I think there are things you can use to prevent them, like various skin creams, cocoa butter, etc.

Nope i don’t have any …don’t know what they are, i work out every other day

i work out and i never have seen stretch marks

ConstantDreamer :grin:

i have never seen stretchmarks on somebodys arms from working out. i knew someone who took steroids and bulked up so huge and his tattoos looked warped and stretched, but never stretch marks.

iv only seen stretch marks on fat people. (no offense to anybody with stretch marks because they may be a bit over weight.)

if you think they are stretch marks from building muscles, shit man how much did you grow in size?

I weight-lift and have stretch marks between my arms and my shoulders and also a little on the underside of my biceps, it comes from growing too fast…doesnt mean you do steriods!! (as i never have done/will do)
like Josh Redstone said, cocoa butter can help fade them but they never completely go.

No worries .

I have them on my stommick (The moment I saw them I was like "I start training TOMORROW ! :smile: )

My best friends sister has them on her boobs.

At least that is what he told me :wink: