Weird 2D dream with blocks and shapes being filled in

Has anyone had such a dream? The first dream I recalled this night was a flat 2D thing with blocks and shapes being filled in like when you’re filling with Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop etc. No characters, I wasn’t even in it. Just a scene, like a computer screen sort of. I don’t recall anything else. Perhaps I was thinking of computer colouring with Paint Shop Pro. Odd dream. I think I did dream it some other day, too, come to think about it.

My second dream was a normal one at least!

It sounds a bit like those hypnogogic images that I see. Polygons, shapes, lines, grids and stuff. Could be something like that.

Was your “dream” vivid? If so, that’s an interesting dream… but to me, yes it sounds like it could be one of those HH’s like what Learjet said. I have had a vivid dream before about colors and fruits, but my vision was very blurry so the only thing I could make out is the shapes and colors. It was a bizarre dream, I would never forget that… I dreamt that when I was around four years old or something. I was very young, but I never could forget that dream, it was way out of original compared to my other dreams. You know what I’m trying to say right?

Well perhaps it was not that vivid. It might have been the hypnagogic thing. However it’s during the night that I dreamt it, not when I was falling asleep. Or is HH something that can occur during the night after the initial sleep period. I woke up with this image - clear in my mind - odd, because dreams are normally moving things and this wasn’t changing at all (or very little).

I think there were lots of lines and some grids, also comic book speech bubbles I think…

Yes it’s possible to have HI’s thoughout the night. It’s not only limited to initial sleep.

Yes I have to agree that you might have experienced a vivid level of HI… a level probably before you enter into dream-like state.

And thus clarkkent realizes he has played too much Tetris
Honestly, I’m not sure. Could’ve just been a regular dream, I suppose…Pretty strange stuff happens sometimes, I guess. Oh well. No answer here.

I’d have to agree with the tetris theory. I’ve dreamt in 2-d starcraft once or twice, or thrice (hows that for mr.burns). It was not at all vivid. Actually it was pretty crappy, I just “knew” it was starcraft. I play that every week. So what do you do that involves blocks?

I’ve also heard people saying something about their dreams materializing right before them while doing WILD? and another possibility could definitely be that HI you guys have been babbling about.

I too have had dreams where I’m in a 2D computer game, complete with boreders you sometimes have in comp games to hold ‘items’ exc. I haven’t had such a, I guess you would say simple dream like that before, but it seems cool, I wonder what would hapen if you became lucid in that dream, you have no dream body, would you just summon one?

I became lucid in the starcraft dream… I had to “pan” around the dream until I found a 3d- window, which I flew out of. I felt no flying sensation like I usually did though, and FAed. It was actually a false lucid dream.

Not so much when dreaming, but I frequently see colored blocks and componential scenes as hypnagogic imagery. Often I concentrate on manipulating the objects by joining them together, or rotating groups of them around a particular axis. I enjoy playing around with HI. The heightened imagination can produce some pretty amazing images, even before you fall asleep.

I rarely play games.

I might have been using Paint Shop Pro but some weeks ago actually.

After playing a MUD for some time(it’s one of those games where you only have a text console, no graphics or sound), I actually dreamt in plain text for a couple of nights. Dreams aren’t limited to your usual senses, they can be percieved as anything!