Weird double dream

So… I was having a dream, and then I fell asleep in that dream and realized I was dreaming in the second dream, but wasn’t really fully aware that I was dreaming… but in the dream i spun around to try to stay in the dream, and I did but I wasn’t in control of the dream :confused: sounds confusing

Well, if you weren’t as aware as you’d like, then it was probably a low-lucid dream. If you weren’t truly aware at all, then it was a false lucid. Also, not being in control is perfectly normal; you can typically gain control through practice, greater lucidity, or through less direct methods of doing what you want.

As for the dream itself, those sorts of things happened to me when I was first starting out and were the only way for me to get lucid for about a month.

another weird part of that dream is when I looked at my house it looked normal and then I noticed that my feet were covered in baby ducks!!! then I looked back at my house and then it was on fire… thats when I woke up :neutral:

That is where the RC’s enter the picture :tongue: things like that is called DS and vary from person to person, through them people can get lucid :cool_laugh:

And some people use :dingding: in their DJ to mark a missed DS :tongue: