Weird dream experience

I wasn’t sure if I was still dreaming or had woke up (I was lying in bed). I was stuck in place and everything was going really fast. There were a lot of beeps and high pitched noises. I shut my eyes and white images appeared in the corner of my vision. I heard my brother saying “Are you here yet?” as if he was waiting for me inside a dream or something. I remember saying “Turn on the light” because things were really dark. I expected to be in a LD now but my dad woke me up.

I’m not sure if the whole thing was a dream or if I had woke mid-SP then done some sort of WILD. Does the stuff I mentioned happen in WILD+SP?

It was definetly a sleep paralysis.

From SP you can enter a LD when you focus on hypnagogic imagery and sounds. ( I think )

So, yeah! The sounds and white images were hallucinations which also appear normally when you try to WILD.

Nice one! I’m inspired to try this through WILD now, more than usual. I must have woken up half way through SP or something. Thanks :grin: :grin: