weird dream while wilding

i was trying to have an oobe or wild today at about 5 pm and then i fell alseep and had some dreams. then in my dream i was looking at my tv while laying down in bed. then in the dream the tv started getting distorted and got long and in the dream i though “maybe im going to enter a dream now” becuase my body started to tingle. and then everything faded. then i saw blocks of colors resembling a soda can on my dresser. then i heard the malcom in the midddle theme song and then opened my eyes and was awake in my room looking at the wall.

it was really weird. my tv was off and malcom in the middle was not on anywhere in the house.

my parents are babysitting 2 babies for my uncle/aunt. it is a pain. i slept 10 hours last night and was still tired today, lol.

i always fall asleep or give up when im trying to wild/project.


p.s.- when i woke up i was covered in drool, lol. just thought i’d share

You give up? This clearly proves you are able to wild! :cool: Next time, it might help to look around in the dream scene, then try to feel it clearly. Even if you wild from a dream, you would still be lucid…as long as you know you are you, and you know it is a dream!

no, i did’nt give up. i have sucessively wild’d 3 times but the instant i was in the dream scape my heart raced and i woke up. all 3 times i was actually trying to sleep not to wild when it happened and 2 of them were at school, lol.