Weird Experience... Did I Meet A Real Person?

Last night I had a strange dream… it started out like most of my LDs where I realized something wasn’t right and I did an RC. So I was just doing random stuff (floating around, jumping off my house) when a guy walked up to me. He was really nice and asked my name and stuff and he showed me a technique of how to fly easier. (It really works too!)

So anyway, I remembered peopled talking about meeting their spirit guides, so I asked him if he was my spirit guide. He said no. He then picked up a flower petal (or something like that, I can’t remember) and made a red dot appear on it. He then explained he was a real person and that his named was Patrick something (Of all things, I forgot his last name! :tongue:) He said he worked at Rachel Bowen University in Arizona. I looked up Rachel Bowen University, and I can’t seem to find it, but perhaps I misunderstood him or I forgot the name and am now mixed up. Then he explained he had to leave, so he wished me luck and vanished.

What do you think of that? Was he just something my mind made up, or was he really a real person? He was so much more deep than my other DCs that I can’t see him being imaginary. But you never know…

Well MAYBE you had a shared dream and you were lucid but he wasn’t. The best would be to try searching for him in your next ld, try by calling his name PATRIIICK!!!(sorry)
and ask him more about his presence in your dreams.

I want to know my spirit guide, that’s my main goal now.

Very weird experience, Id have to guess that he is a creation of your mind but who knows. He could be your spirit guide and lied to you for one reason or another, I really have no idea.

PS can I ask what method he taught you for flying?

He explained to me not to “swim” in the air as it slows you down. He said to jump in the air, make yourself hover, and then reach out your arms. Then you make yourself move without moving your arms or legs.

It’s very cool, and you go really fast.

I spontaniously came up with my own way to fly in my first LD, I didnt even think about it I just did it. I squeezed my hands and invisible energy came ou the bottoms of my fists. The harder I squeezed the more powerfull the energy was. I used this energy to propel myself through the air, it gives you tons of freedom to do crazy flips and goin one way real fast then suddenly goin to reverse. You should try. unfortunatly it takes effort to go fast, so Ill try out your way if I remember next dream.

I’ve met DC’s in LD’s that act just like the real version of a person I know. And I believe them that they’re real.

Only, upon waking I usualyl learn that that person wasn’t actually a sleep (I wake up quite late, so most my freinds get up beore me).

What is funny is that he said he was a real person. And his behavior was rather strange, too.
It could be a creation of your mind, it could perhaps be real, too, why not? As cranberrydude says, try to meet him in another dream. I don’t see another solution to make your question answered.

maybe “his” name was Rachel Bowen, and the information just got garbled in translation?

The interesting thing really is Patrick’s behavior… He reminds me of me when I just do nothing in particular when dreaming. If I have nothing to do I usually go around chatting with DCs, if I see one trying something I often show them some of my tricks.

Maybe the guys just made up name and location though, I’m often someone else in my dreams, probably he was too.

Wow i had a similar dream …where i became lucid and asked sumone where i was and they said arizona, then i taught them how to fly… …but that was weird becuase i’ve never been there (i live in the UK) … intresting…