Weird experience - dreaming with eyes open ? :O

I don’t know if this is possible, but today morning I realized that I’m dreaming, but I couldn’t move…I was lying in my bed and everything I saw was exactly like IRL (little blurry), but I could do things like taking lucid pill (strawberry flavour … yummy :grin:, and I looked at my watch which normally I don’t wear… The next strange thing happened when I woke up… I didn’t feel that I opened my eyes… it felt like there were open all the time… I don’t know what to think about it ? Maybe it was only realistic FA, but i couldn’t move… Thanks for replies :smile:

It sounds to me like it was an FA, but it is possible to sleep with your eyes open.

This has happened to me a few times. I would be lucid dreaming and when the dream would start to fade, my eyes wouldn’t open, they would already be openned. Sometimes the same exact thing you had and other times it would be a different scene.
Ex. The mountains would start forming into my covers and the sky would start forming into my cieling.
I think you were just dreaming with your eyes open. ^^

Mohegan… why is my name there??? Oh the suspense!! :nuu:

I think I had this when I had an LD.
I fell asleep with my eyes closed, and in mid-dream (while lucid, of course) I sorta “opened my eyes”. Y’know how it is when you have your eyes closed and you daydream? You see what happens but at the same time you see darkness. That’s how it usually is for me in LDs. As said, I “opened my eyes” and saw through them. In-dream.
That was a cool experience for me.

… Or is it possible that you open your eyes BEFORE your dream as faded completely?

I’ve had this happen only once, even managed to raise my arm while still dreaming, very cool.

Yeah, i day dream alot in class and what not. It’s cool when you “zoom” back into reality and wonder if anyone noticed, it’s quite embarassing actually. :grin:

Wouldn’t that be something like an epiphany?

Is that question directed at me? If so, no it wouldnt be an epiphany. I don’t think:|

No it’s to forest_guru

i’ve had something like a dream with open eyes once, it was a fairly vivid dream(of some sort of castle, had a lot of harry potter elements) and when i woke up i was like “huh, did i open my eyes, or were they already open… wtf!!!(i always think that, especially when something weird happens)”

In my 1st LD back when i was 7 or 9 it was like that.
My mom was calling me to get ready for school and i opened one of eyes in the middle of the dream w/ the other closed; it was strange, like watching your dreams and reality at the same time. Kinda like ‘The Science of Sleep’ movie.