Weird experience this morning

Hey all,

I haven’t posted on this forum in forever. Anyway, I had an experience this morning that prompted my return. I was having a dream that I was near a sports stadium and could hear tons of people cheering. I woke up and continued to hear the cheering for 5-10 seconds even though I was awake. It then faded away and I laid back down to go to sleep. I was just wondering if there’s a name for this; I’m sure there is.


My friend had a similar experience, but he was literally in a dream like state(weird thoughts, walls were flowing), but he was definitely awake. He knows what a false awakening is, and swears that wasn’t it. In your case, it might just be sensory memory. Hearing memory lasts for 5 seconds, which would explain why it seemed like you were still hearing it. I’d be interested in knowing what arice or my friend were experiencing as well.

Is it possible that you thought you were awake, but you were actually still sleeping?

What I mean is, maybe you dreamed that you woke up and still heard the cheering.

I remember I dreamed about flying insects in my room, and when I woke up, I still heard them, and one time (happend before) I even saw one, but it wasn’t there in reality.

Since it’s so long ago, I can’t remember how it felt or anything, but I think I was still sleeping. Or it was a hallucination because I just woke up. But I can’t remember being scared or anything. So it was probably a dream.

Like previously stated, it could just be a FA.

I’m tending to think that it’s the remnants of HH, but I could be wrong.