Weird feeling - need some help


Im New on this forum, but not new to what LD is and how to get them.

Ive had a few, but they recently begun, cause it was not that long ago i started practice in real life to be able to LD.

But my question is about a feeling i had, or rather a dream i had once.

I had this dream when i thought i was awake, went down from my bed, sat down infront of my computer… thought i couldnt sleep… but it turned out that i was asleep :wink:

I played some kind of game on my computer, and when i finished the stage a whirl inside the computer starts to eat up the stage, and then the computer, and then moves on… i grabbed a hold of my bed and it eats everything… everything spins into it like in a tornado… and then i lost my grip, and falls into it to…

It was awful… i was afraid like hell and the feeling was like falling faster and faster, the feeling you get in your stomach from falling from high places or accelerate very fast… except 10-100 times stronger… faster and faster and faster and then suddenly it feels like an explosion and it stops… and i can see myself floating in the space… totally weightless…

Im opening my eyes and realised it was only a dream… BUT… i didnt move in the bed, i just lay there completely still… cause i really felt weightless, if i hadnt opend my eyes and looked at the ceeling in my room, i couldnt tell how i layed in my bed. I layed in my bed, on my side… but it felt like i was sitting up, sitting up but couldnt feel the bed…

And after some seconds the weighhtlessness worn off and i start to feel the bed again…

It was this incredible feeling… horrible… but afterwards it was incredible… but what was it… is there anyone in here who knows or have had the same feeling??

That’s amazing…I know, falling sensatins can be quite intense. I love the rush but it’s just as frightful as you described it. I’ve always wanted to replicate it in my LD, but I wasn’t very successful.

Some of my LD were caused due to insomnia, or fear that I wouldn’t have LD anymore. There is a swirl screen saver on Windows that does exactly that, so maybe you saw it sometime and it became inc. in your dream.

I’ve never had the weightless feeling like you’ve described however, especially the part in your bed. You must have been dizzy or really disoriented I guess…

I could think of a parachute to keep you from falling. As you fall (I know it isnt that easy to think then because of the rush) try and reach for the cord. You should grab on to something, like your shirt, and just pull on it. I’ve always wondered if this were possible…

This sounds like some of the effects that can take place when you try to WILD (or to enter an OBE).

You can try it the other way:

Just lay down, close your eyes and don´t move, just relax and concentrate on your breaths or something.While doing this, I once felt that the whole bed was flying, and shifting from one side to the other.The feeling wasn´t as incredible as you describe your experience, but perhaps this will work for you.

(If you aren´t sure how to do it, look for WILD techniques on this site)


Hello everyone. New here . I would like to tell you my experience and see if anyone else has had the same experience. About 3 years ago i discovered that i would “go” to these couple of places when i would drem. When i realized it i also realized that it had been happening for several years. These places are so real and recognizable to me that if i ever walked into one while awake i would immediately know where i was and know my way around. Also there are pretty much the same group of people all the time or at least most of them are and from time to time i will bring someone that i really know in the waking world with me. O.k. Here is where it gets really wird! One day on a weekend i was planning what i would do for the day. I got into my car and began to drive down the road…headed for one of these places i go to in dreamtime!!! :eek: I suddenly realized i did not remember the directions! It took every bit of about 5 minutes for me to realize that i was actually on my way to a place that does not exist here…where i actually live. Maybe not even in this dimension of reality. Has anyone else had such real dreams or regular visits to these places and found sometimes they cant distinguish? I called a friend today because i could not remember if she had called me and left a message for me to call her back or if i just dreamed it. Fortunately she knows me well enough to know that i have this problem sometimes :bored:


One day when I was about 20, not sure if I was dreaming, but I had Read some of Carlos Castaneda’s stuff (The Teachings of Don Juan) about leaving the body during the sleep state… I was not dreaming, but while sleeping I found myself suddenly accelerating at an astronomical pace, though when it began I was fully conscious, this was not a dream. There was a noise like a high pitched vibrato, just like always happens when this happens to me. I could not see, but I remembered what I had heard about OBE’s and Astral projection, and figured this is what was happening. I had also heard that you have to not be afraid to die if you want to get to other dimensions, because essentially you are leaving your body behind, like you do in death… I freaked out a bit. Was I being attacked? Was I going into another dimension? I had no choice but to wait and see what was going on, but about 5 seconds into it, I found myself able to connect with my body and wake up (though I stress here that I had been fully conscious during this ordeal). This has happened to me many times since then, but it is very scary (as I have been told it is by those who say they have been to other dimensions.) One example of a dream like the computer one from above: I was dreaming about water skiing, and I was “Cracking the whip” (turning outside the wake, in the opposite direction of the boat, and you accelerate real fast) and suddenly I was shooting off into the sunset without my body, fully conscious, and knowing that, OK, here it goes again. I have never been brave enough to go all the way though, I always snap myself back to the body and am fully awake in my bed. This is a rare phenomenon, and one day I will go through with the transfer to another dimension (unless this is just some weird brain thing that is happening to me, heh)

If you have this feeling again, see how far you can go! Apparently you will suddenly “pop” into another place. I believe this to be a sacred spiritual journey, but it’s so scary!

…but do you ever have a problem with determining if you dreamed something or if it happened in THIS reality…? :bored: