Weird Feeling

Hey guys quick question…
Sometimes when i’m in my be just trying to fall asleep I get a really weird feeling like i’m sinking into my bed or something. It’s really strange and I was wondering if there was anything I could do to turn this into a lucid dream? Thanks guys any responses would be greatly appreciated!!

Actually, in my case, sinking into my bed means I am about to enter a dream! The feeling of sinking into or detaching from your bed is very common when WILDing.

So my piece of advice is, when you feel this is happening, just concentrate, do not fall asleep and sink into the depths of your mattress! You’ll probably find yourself fully lucid in a dream in no time!

(Maybe you’ll get to discover a secret world under your bed sheets? :wink: )

When you are about to fall asleep, especially during early mornings, when you’re still tired, you will feel a lot of various sensations if you manage not to lose your consciousness. That’s a sign that sleep paralysis is coming, along with the REM phase of sleep, in which you dream. If you keep your consciousness active all the way, you will find yourself fully lucid in a dream. This technique is called WILD, and is usually considered difficult to accomplish for novices.

Actually, that’s the beginning of the SP, I experience the same sensation…