Weird feeling

So normally I help others, this time, I need help.

So I had a ld in which I finished a quest. Then I had another LD during the morning where I knew I was dreaming without any rc’s and decided to fly so I flied but then the dream ended pretty quickly and forgot to stabilise the dream.Then, I felt my body getting pushed up.I kept on thinking of flying but got distracted by the pushing weight of my body so it ended quickly. Was this a WILD?? I have never WILDed before but I have only MILDed, what was this?Has anyone experienced this before?How do I use this to get into a LD next time??It felt weird

I’ve had multiple instances where everything was black and I felt like I got picked up by an extremely strong wind. It felt like I was getting pushed through the air this way and that, quickly with very sudden changes in direction. I’ve learned that the thing to do is to relax and let it happen (that took some practice). Eventually my vision would start to clear and I’d get deposited on solid ground, now in the dream. Is that what you meant? Sorry if I’m misunderstanding.

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That is exactly what I meant, thanks a lot @Kirkrrr :bow: :bow:
I want to experiment with this, do you know how to induce it? If so, can you tell me please, thanks.


@Lumiscnt, no problem! I don’t know how to induce them per se. I’m going over my DJ now and will post relevant dreams in there that I can find. From what I can tell, it has to do with being aware of being asleep while asleep, whether it’s a WBTB, WILD, or DILD. :man_shrugging:

It sounds like HI/HH. At the start of WILD’s, I’ve had intense sensations of my body being flung around/vibrating while hearing ringing/pulsating. Sounds like it might be the same thing. As @Kirkrrr said, just let it happen. Eventually you should be able to manifest a dream once the sensations calm down. As for inducing it, I’ve mostly only been able to do so by keeping my eyes closed and staying completely still after waking up, which allows me to fall back to sleep quickly and consciously.

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Thanks @Kirkrrr and @CRW,i will try both of these put and will post within the jext week if it works,thanks a lot guys.I shal :bow: :bow: :bow: to you and everyone here.