Weird jaw feeling while entering LD

Hi all!

I’ve been practicing WILD a lot lately and I’ve had some success, but whenever I start entering SP my jaw starts to hurt a lot and that ruins the SP because my body wakes up due to the pain. I don’t know if the pain I’m experiencing is real, or I might be clenching my teeth while I sleep. I’m not sure what the problem is but its very disruptive in the whole process. This never used to happen to me.

It might be a hallucination effect, but I don’t think so.

It might be more like that your jaw isn’t completely relaxed. I’ve heard things like this before and they usually occur because the bodypart isn’t completely relaxed. Jaw is pretty hard to relax if you don’t really know in which position it is relaxed.

You should just like let your mouth go relaxed all the way and try to get it as relaxed as possible, because usually on the day, your jaws/mouth area is not relaxed, but you keep it in a certain position to create a wanted face/expression. :razz:

That’s my suggestion and information.

Yeah it could be that your jaw isn’t relaxed enough. Or maybe its just a one time thing…has this been happening often? Try it again and see what happens.