Weird lucid dream

How strange, I was planning to do a lot of things in my next lucid dream.
Last night I finally got the chance in a dream which can be considered ‘lucid’ but yet it wasn’t lucid at the same time.

I was traveling to North Cape (in Scandinavia) with a friend in his car and we were driving over the highways after departing in my homecountry Belgium. After a while we passed te border of Holland and at some point halfway the country (near Deventer) I asked my friend to stop so we could reconsider and discuss the remaining part of the trip to the far north.

I told him that I never made trips to the far north before, and that I was affraid that the dream would not be able to render the landscapes from sub-Arctic regions perfectly as I have never experienced them in real life. I told him that it would be a waste to go there in a dream.

Then he managed to change my mind and we decided to give it a chance and continued our way. After a while we were in the hills northwest of Stockholm and started to enjoy the scenery as I saw the lakes, green pine forests and the gradually transforming of the landscape into boreal forests and taiga’s. I told him that I was so surpriced that the dream could build up such nice landscapes from a country where I have never been in real life.

At some point it looks like I realised I was dreaming and yet I didn’t have the feeling of ‘hey, this is a dream!’

Anyone with similar experiences here?

I had quite a few experiences like you. When you are very much into lucid dreaming and I’m not talking generally but here and now then this kind of dreams appear and it’ always funny yet crazy how we don’t recognize that they are dreams. That only means that we are still not conscious enough, that we don’t question enough in WL the moments we find ourselfs in.

I would more focus in my post on your doubt that you had about not being able to create the dream world because you didn’t had WL memory/experience.

How would you then explain all the dreams about outer space, space travel, space ships, nebulas, etc, etc… Those are the most uncommon dreams in sense of uncommon WL situations, right?! I’m not an astronaut but I dream of space. We consume media from thousand different ways through the day and it stays in our minds, especially if it’s something we like. So whenever you have doubt don’t have it. Mind does that perfectly in a dream. What is also amazing is that we start to be fascinated by the landscapes and sceneries that are unknown. That we appreciate.

So for me it’s always good to leave mind to do his thing as long as doesn’t effect my lucidity. So far it didn’t disappointed me…

You won’t believe it, but I got another dream in the same blooper style last night :happy:

This time I was returning by train after a hard day’s work in Brussels. I took the international train which goes from Brussels to Den Haag (the Fyra replacement) and had to change trains in Mechelen. Just before we arrived there, the train guard came around to check the train tickets. Ofcourse like you should expect in a dream, my ticket was hard to read (most text was erased by sliding it in and out my wallet very often it seemed). However some information like the price I paid and my ID number was still readable so after a long while I could sufficiently prove that I paid for the train ride. However, we were already in Mechelen and I was just in time to get to the exit door to leave the train. This stress made me to wake up.

Then I decided to try the WBTB method described on this forum. So I left the sleeping room and then went back to sleep consentrating on the dream I just awoke from.

With succes: I was back in the train where I wanted to leave the exit door. But it departed already and was just leaving the station when the second part of this dream started. I was in my seat again and one of the bosses of my workplace sat in front of me. I told him to leave me alone as I was trying to get back into a lucid dream using the WBTB and that I already managed to resume the dream where I woke up from. But he didn’t want to leave, so I went mad and started to poke him to leave his seat and let me alone to concentrate on making this a lucid dream. Then I was really mad and started to chase him away. At this point, I made a false awakening and ended up in by bedroom. I did a RC by counting my fingers in front of the lit display of my clock and ofcourse it was positive (6 fingers). I was very exited that I finally managed to get really lucid in a lucid dream but this exitement made me to wake up for real.

Then I felt back to sleep and got another dream where I was teleported back in history and was playing games with my cousin when we were still childs. We were on vacation in Sharm El Sheik (Red Sea coast of Egypt) and playing on top of the cliffs with nice view on the blue sea while the weather was pleasant. Suddenly I made a false awakening and ended up in my bedroom again, I did a RC by counting my fingers again in front of the lit display of my clock and counted 7 fingers. Same story: I was very exited, nut I tried to keep calm and also tried to stand up and leave my bed so I could start doing the things I planned to do in the next lucid dream. However I woke up again and the story was over.

Good thing is that I got three lucid dreams in one night while two of them could be considered ‘real’ lucid dreams :smile:

That’s great!

Now the feelings, they will stand in your way now and then but mediation can prepare you for such situations. When you realize that you are in a dream you need to firstly become calm. Tell your self: “I am in a dream, I am calm.” You can repeat that until you feel that you actually calmed yourself. After that rubbing your hands or touching something in a dream will help you to connect with the dream.

If you don’t have opportunity to do all that which means you wake up too quickly don’t take it as a problem. It’s just the way for you to become more accustomed to that particular state and with few more night you will manage to stay in LD longer and longer.

With time when you wake up like that from a dream you can try to chain them(DEILD), even more powerful and productive way of becoming/staying lucid! :content:

Good luck!

Often I find that in dreams where I do a reality check (pushing fingers through other hand), and don’t look at it, and focus on seeing my fingers go out the other side, I don’t get very lucid. If that happens, try a reality check and really focus on it, even if you are already a bit lucid. You can also try rubbing your hands to make it feel more vivid.