weird things on 06-06-06

I found a cool article about how yesterday’s date wouldn’t have been 666 anyway, since when the Catholoque Church took over the Roman calender, they got it wrong by four years…so the real 666 would have been June 6th, 2002 :content:

That’s when four of my friends died!!! :eek:

I’m just kidding :tongue:

Bruno that made me :rofl:

Yes, and when we switch back from Gregorian to Julian Calendar, 6-6-6 was somewhere in may too… :content:

Guess we’ll have to wait till Dec. 21, 2012, for some crazy shit to happen, cause 666 was sure a dud.

Imao Dec. 21, 2012 will be the doom of one thing… the doom of Stupid doomsday theories with absoolutley no scientifical backround :razz:

those have been around since religion was first invented. once we reach dec 22, 2012 and everyone figures out that another day was a dud, someone else is just gonna come up with a new date for people to be freaked out about.

though i thought that date was supposed to be dec 23, 2013?

meh. probably both.

No, definitley dec 21 2012. Winter solistice right? And btw, that really is the day the earth is going to end…Eric Julien told me :tongue: :rofl: :rofl:

then there’s the comet in 2016 and the chaos cloud in 2021:P

What the fuck is a chaos cloud? :eek:

mentioned somewhere in the lounge i think

edit:link to post(was 2014): ['Chaos Cloud' headed for earth, ETA 2014?)

Yesterday’s news talked of a woman who had a baby at 6am on 6/6/06 and weighed 6 pounds with 6 ounces.


Did she name him Damian?

If it were a girl, perhaps Damiananna?

2012 was my favorite number once. I never knew it would be a year that the world would end one way.
BTW, Damian is the name of one of the best ITG players.

Hell’s Once in a Lifetime party. I didn’t go, but apperently there was a big party in Hell, Michigan. They had music, food, and such.

it was 6:06

and there is one weird thing going on here: my computer’s popping, like corks shooting off champaign(?) bottles(well, it’s just a sound but it’s freaking annoying)