weird things on 06-06-06

today is 06-06-06, some people say a devilish day

well, this topic is about posting weird things that happened to you or annyone else today

i heard something weird: a kid was born on 6:06 today so between 6:06 and 6:07, could be 6 seconds past 6:06 06-06-06(many 6es:P)

Yes one moderatley not that wierd thing happend today.
All of you who have seen waking life might recall the song that the guy plays on the ukulele right before he meets the lucid guy. Well annyway today i picked up my guitar… said hmm… put my index finger over the 7th fret. and my pinkey on the 9th fret. and started to pluck on the 3 higest strings and wolla there it was the song from waking life :smile: and the funny thing is that i have been close to buing an ukulele just becaus i really like that part :happy:
But im still thinking of buing a ukulele…

that’s funny:P

i still have to watch waking life:(
couldn’t find it yet:(

by the way the guy sais something stephen laberge sais “we are really asleep in life’s waiting room”

The Omen comes out today, looks cool. I think i might go see it tonight, just for the spirit of 6-6-06:mad: .

A rather funny thing is that 666 isnt the number of ye beast :razz: its actually a translation error :razz: the right number is 606 or maybie it was 660 cant really rember

Umm… my friend’s parent’s wedding anniversary?

Wasn’t it 619 then, because if you turn that around it’s still 619. (turn your head around I mean) Or was it 609 then?

Well everything that does happen today has nothing to do with the fact it is 06-06-06 in my opinion. It’s just looking for a pattern, just like Friday the 13th.

devul evul friend’s parent’s from hell!!!11!!oneone!!!666!!!thenumberofthebeast!!
Nothing really cool happened to me :meh:/
But is 17:09
waiting for 18:06:06
18=6pm ya >_<

Nothing special about today… Though some satanists married themself in the norwegian town Hell today.

Uh… I got on the wrong bus.

Well, at least for me it’s already past 18:06:06 o_o I’m still alive, no missing limbs, no devil incarnate in my house.

the Be Your Own Pet cd comes out today…

I might buy it, they have some pretty good songs :content:

And The Omen looks worse than the the original which was just wonderfully terrible. :tongue:

I still laugh when I think of one scene from the original

It passed even longer ago… as the real time would have been 06:06:06 which was six in the morning.

As two nice and healthy teenagers who don’t believe in the devil, yet study in a Catholic school with a lot of people who do, Ana and I spent the whole day muttering “Satanus! Huhuhuhuhuhu! Huhuhuhuhuhu… Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu!” all around.


Most definitely a weird thing happened to me today. My boyfriend received a letter in the mail from the devil incarnate (his ex-wife) wanting more money from him for a babysitter when he already pays her quite enough child support. Evil, evil, evil! And I wasn’t superstitious until today. :twisted:

lol, um I had one of the best days of my life today XD

I flew from west palm beach, FL to Little Rock, AR today. I had to get up at 4am to make the flight at 6:30am.

I saw no supenatural phenomena, and satan is likely in hawaii… on vacation… with satanists waving fans at him and giving him margaritas of fresh blood from sacrificed offerings to him.

I dunno. Just trying to scare yas!

Apparently, the actual number of the beast is 616, as confirmed by a recently found piece of papyrus.

Something weird happened to me, but good weird. :grin:

Saw someone on cam who I didn’t expect to see :content: but I guess on 666, they came out of their hiding :razz:

:eek: I’m flying that day, on the 16th… lol. I’m lucky I’m not superstitious.

i told you it wasnt 666 :happy: Thanks alot for that i thaught it was 606 :razz: