weird WILDs

my last few lucid dreams have been really weird
i haven’t done any WILD induction techniques or anything but what happens whenever i have a lucid dream lately is i “wake up” in my bed and everything looks like it did right b4 i went to sleep only i know i’m dreaming immediately. i get up to walk around but after a few seconds i get stapped back to my bed kind of like a false awakening but i still know i’m dreaming. this happens about 20 times until i get really annoyed and really wake up. i was wondering if anyone knows why this happens of how i can prevent it because it really sucks having a lucid dream and not getting to do anything that i want in it. if i know i’m dreaming shouldn’t i have more control over what happens to me? i don’t expect to wake up at least i don’t think i do.

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First of all, I don’t see what that has to do with WILD. WILD is Wake Induced Lucid Dream, falling asleep consciously.

Anyway, if you want to avoid all those FAs you should probably act the same way you would if you wanted to avoid an actual awakening. Waking up inside a dream or waking up in real life, it’s all the same really.

I like to use a sort of thumb rule about awakening from LDs: Either you are interacting too little in the dream, or you are interacting too much. By interacting I mean focusing on the enviroment, touching things and stimulating your senses otherwise. If you are getting very excited when you go lucid, you should try to calm down. And the other way around, if you detach from the dream and start focusing on your self and your thoughts, you should interact more with the dream.

Lots of my lucid dreams start exactly like that. Occasionally they develop into quite interesting experiences, other times it’s hard to keep my mind from wandering. The first few seconds as I attempt to get out of bed I get a vertigo feeling, the whole room is spinning. Somehow by concentrating I manage to get rid of it. I still don’t have as much control over my dreams as I would like but the more you learn it should get easier.

for me it’s more like as i get out of bed the dream starts to fade and i stand still and remain calm instead of spinning and the dream just starts to come back. what i can’t explain though is why i keep getting snapped back to my bed only a few seconds after getting out of bed in my dream. does anyone have any suggestion on how to prevent this?

Like I was saying, you should probably try the same technique you would use to avoid waking up. This could be:
● Grab onto something; the wall, a piece of furniture, just about anything.
● Try to stay really calm and focus on your surroundings (you tried this one without much success, I see)
● Rub your hands
● Spin with your body
● Try going with the flow of the dream for a while before trying to take control
● Go crazy! Smack your hands in the wall and jump up and down on the coffee table, anything to keep yourself in motion. It may seem silly, but it has helped me out some times.

That’s pretty much all I can think of right now. If you want to find a solution to this problem, you should first find the cause. It might be that you get overexcited, or even underexcited. Pherhaps you tend to drift off in your own thoughts planning what to do in your LD. Or maybe these FAs are random and will go away by time.